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Rush’s “Roll The Bones” Still Rolling at 25 Years (1991-2016)

Continuing forward with a bevy of Music Milestone toasts, we have arrived at the 25th Anniversary of Rush’s 14th album “Roll The Bones”. I’ll give you a moment to shake your head in disbelief about that realization. The album was one that continued the musical transitions that had begun with the previous album “Presto” and these changes found Rush music being a lot more accepted on the radio airwaves. Yeah we might have heard the classics of the earlier years on WNEW and WPLJ etcetera, but with “Roll The Bones” you were going to also hear them on the more commercially driven radio stations. I was completely fine with this if it could somehow generate a larger interest in the band for these new fans. As always this is but a toast and less deep analysis since the numbers are well documented on Wikipedia. The reflections remain personal about the work and how it affected me as a listener at the time.
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