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Order Up; Mac Sabbath Announces The Rock-Sham-Shake Tour

Take two whole beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and a copy of “Volume 4” and what do you get? Why Mac Sabbath of course, a devilishly creative concoction from some seriously junk food fueled minds. To say that this looks interesting is an understatement as the band has a Ronald singing in Ozzy fashion and there is a demonized McCheese and Grimace up there as well while the Hamburglar’s Snack Food brother keeps the beat. Check out the poster and the press copy I received along with the dates. I’ll return at the close with some additional thoughts.

Tour - Mac Sabbath - Winter 2016

The Press Release:
Every March, masses of hungry fast-food fanatics search endlessly for their favorite brain-freeze inducing treat. A minty milkshake you say? No, we’re talking about MAC SABBATH – bringing the deliciously disturbing “Rock-Sham-Shake” tour to your town this March! As if they didn’t get enough frosty coolness from this year’s massive blizzard, the tour will frost over the majority of the eastern U.S., beginning down in Dallas, TX on March 3rd. See below for a complete listing of confirmed tour dates.
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