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Hate In The Box @ Port 41 (4/24/2010)

Logo - Hate In The Box

Artist: Hate In The Box
Venue: Port 41 (New York, NY)
Opener: Saints Of Pain, September Mourning
Date: 4/24/2010
Label: Independent Artist

Captain’s Log, star date 20102404 – The planet was doomed and there was little else one could say about it but even in this grim case scenario, it didn’t mean that all hope was lost. “Attention Citizens of the Earth; our world is under attack and the aliens are already walking among you”. It is clear to me that the only feasible option is to mingle in with their number and hope to form some sort of understanding or detente before it is too late for mankind and the world upon which we wander. The Project Blue Book dossier that MIB headquarters had been handed specified about how it would be a good idea to investigate the happenings down at the Port 41 Bar, a place that was clearly a hive of scum and villainy if I ever saw one before. My mission while to observe and maintain the balance like one of Jack Kirby’s Watcher’s from the Fantastic Four comic books would not be easy if I was recognized as one of the Men In Black, but I would worry about that issue if it came to pass. Deep inside the caverns of the Port 41 Bar was an event listed as “Rock Attacks” and on the entertainment menu would be the Saints Of Pain, September Mourning and Hate In The Box. Here is how the evening took place according to witnesses.
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