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Chris Jericho’s Fozzy To Rock Fans In 2018 With “Judas Rising” Tour

To say that December is already proving to be one that is loaded with information would be an understatement. Sure we are heading towards the closing of 2017, but bands are tossing out their 2018 plans out like crazy. This is a very good thing and if you’ve enjoyed the band Fozzy that is led by Chris Jericho then this will rock your senses too. Take a look at the press, the poster and the proposed dates. I’ll close out with additional editorial as well. Here we go.

fozzy, tour posters, fozzy tour posters

The Press Release:
FOZZY, the active rock band led by Chris Jericho, will continue to rock their fans across America on their Judas Rising Tour with newly added tour dates in 2018. Set to launch February 28 in New Orleans, LA, the 25-date trek will take the band (Jericho: vocals, Rich Ward: guitars, vocals, Frank Fontsere: drums, Billy Grey: guitars and Paul DiLeo: bass) from east to west, including stops in Los Angeles on March 10 and New York City on April 5, before bringing them back across the country through the spring. Through Fire, Santa Cruz and Dark Star Choir will round out the bill for the night of rock headlined by FOZZY. Tickets for these newly announced dates (see below for list) go on sale to the public Friday, December 8.

“I’m stoked to do this extensive tour of the States now that ‘Judas,’ the song, is a Top 5 rock radio hit and Judas, the album, has gone top 40!” says Chris Jericho. “Fozzy is bigger than we’ve ever been, which means bigger production, bigger songs and bigger lighted jackets! So we can’t wait to rock your literal socks off starting in February!! JUDAS IS RISING!”

“I started playing guitar because of how deeply powerful the experience of going to concerts was for me,” Rich Ward adds. “With a hit single and a new album pushing Fozzy to new heights, I can’t wait to get back on the road in America to capture the power that only live music can create. Make sure to bring a helmet and your dancing shoes when Fozzy rolls through your town.”

The upcoming dates come on the heels of the October release of the band’s seventh album, JUDAS (Century Media), which Loudwire named as one of the top 25 albums of 2017, saying the band has continued “honing their craft and steadily improving. JUDAS is their most polished and fully realized album, and should be their most successful, as well.”
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Win A Ticket To See Fozzy @ Gramercy Theatre on 10/5/2014

Poster - Fozzy at Gramercy Theatre - 2014

The Details: Fozzy is the exciting Metal band fronted by professional wrestler Chris Jericho and combined with the guitar slinging of Rich Ward, they always bring their audience to their feet during a show. The bands latest album is “Do You Wanna Start A War” and comes care of Century Media Records and their fans will be excited about their trip to NYC for a show AND the fact that thanks to our friends at Livenation; PiercingMetal will be putting some loyalists into the show for free. That is right I said free. Read more below on how to participate in this one.
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“Adrenaline Mob” by Adrenaline Mob

Artist: Adrenaline Mob
Title: “Adrenaline Mob”
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date: 8/9/2011
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

Before we begin this little overview of the debut offering by Adrenaline Mob it’s important that you let go of any preconceived notions about its content based on the group’s membership roster. I lay this out in the open because when you look at their names on paper with Russell Allen (Symphony X), Mike Portnoy (former of Dream Theater) and Rich Ward (Stuck Mojo/Fozzy) you might be expecting some kind of stratospheric tour de force project and this is NOT that kind of band my friends. What it is to me is a type of Groove Metal band with a bit of an homage to the Traditional side and perhaps even a touch of Nu-Metal to it. Sadly I fear that I have just made some Progressive fans faint, but oh well. That cannot be helped since this will not be something up their alley at all. This is however the kind of music that more of your modern day Metal head is looking into because it is absolutely heavy from beginning to end and has sufficient enough flare to get the fists pumping and dare I say the adrenaline levels rising. It begins with “Psychosane” and we immediately can note the different register that Allen is singing in. There is solid drumming put out by Portnoy and I expected this much but do not look for intricate nuance and instead indulge yourself in the steady pounding. Joining Ward on lead guitar is Mike Orlando who might still be something of an unknown to many people who listen to Metal but I believe his participation in this group will change that. A solid track but I do tend to agree with those who say Mike P. should stick to the drums instead of taking a chance on the microphone solo. I was not all that keen on his vocal input in the tune while at the same time I loved the big chorus vibe we got in a few sections.
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Fozzy @ B.B. King Blues Club (4/28/2010)

Logo - Fozzy

Artist: Fozzy
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club
Opener: ZO2, Razer
Date: 4/28/2010
Label: Riot! Entertainment

Yes Metal fans your prayers have been answered and the Fozzman cometh to New York City to lay down the Metal justice in a fashion that only he can deliver. Of course its long been known that Fozzy is actually the brainchild of World Wrestling Entertainment’s Chris Jericho and guitarist Rich Ward (The Duke, Stuck Mojo) . For a number of years they played up an identity and back story about their origins but seem to have moved on from that premise for the sake of the Metal material that they have. I had to admit that even though the band featured the wrestler, when I first heard them I wasn’t very impressed and this would be around the time of their covers album. The reason was more based on at that point in my Metal life, I was more focused on the up and coming Power Metal bands from Finland and all of their output since it was so energetic and unique. I write this down based on the change of opinion that I had when the band released the “All That Remains” CD (not to be confused with the band of the same name) and now their latest effort “Chasing The Grail”. With these recordings Fozzy has really shown to be coming into their own and an interesting Metal force to be reckoned to boot. Their show this evening would be live at B.B. King Blues Club and it would also feature the band Razer from Phoenix, AZ and Brooklyn’s own ZO2. Going in I hardly knew what to expect and even wondered if it would be crowded but after observing the activities that happened tonight it was pretty safe to say that if you missed this one you will very likely be kicking yourself. Here is how the night went down for those who are among that number.
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“Southern Born Killers” by Stuck Mojo

Artist: Stuck Mojo
Title: “Southern Born Killers”
Label: Napalm Records
Release Date: 3/4/2008
Genre: Crossover/Rap Metal
Rating: 3/5

In the middle nineties Stuck Mojo was one of the leaders in the realm of Crossover Metal or as it is more commonly known – “Rap Metal” with bands like Rage Against The Machine, and while they seemed to fall off the radar for a little while guitarist Rich Ward has rebuilt the group and returned with new music for fans who have been anxiously awaiting for them to do so. When the album began I realized how odd it felt to be once again hearing Rap Metal because to be quite honest the genre has become a thing of the past in today’s Metal world with its influences already felt, exploited to death and moved on from for many years. Yet despite this Ward and his band mates have returned with an album loaded with well-structured political commentary and fire that shows them proud of what they are and where they stand on things. It opens with “I’m American” (no, not the Queensryche song) and it pretty much lays the groundwork for the rest of the album from here. Gone is singer Bonz and in his place stands Lord Nelson who does a really good job on his first effort with the band. He rhymes with a solid flow and seems to fit right into the mix of the bands sound. He brings the necessary anger to life for the track “Open Season”, a song that offers up the bands personal views on Islamic Jihad. So charged up is the verbal imagery in this one that the group found it banned on some notable online mediums and even being spoken out against by the Council on American-Islamic Relations. I guess free speech is only allowed when you fall in with the acceptable line of being politically correct.
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