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“Live At Rock In Rio III” by Halford

Artist: Halford
Title: “Live At Rock In Rio III”
Label: Metal God Entertainment
Release Date: 10/7/2008
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

“Attention to all the fans of Rob Halford the Metal God, as it is time to get out your credit cards because the DVD film that we have waited for many years to be released has finally arrived.” Yes, thanks to Rob’s own Metal God Entertainment company we will be able to enjoy the “Rock In Rio III” concert in the comfort of our own home after knowing for so long that the film existed and was just this far out of our reach. Of course I am sure that something lackluster was available on some kind of bootleg that one would find at conventions that cater to music, but the chance to own the real deal is really something special. The show comes very early in the career of the band that Rob simply called Halford and I remember that when he performed in NYC around this time it was as opener for Iron Maiden on a triple bill that also featured Queensryche. For that show Halford performed first and it was the only time that I ever saw the entire audience in place for the opening act. Let’s face it; Rob Halford surely deserves this kind of treatment.
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