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Liberty City Anime Con Guest Announcements 2019 Event

As our most dedicated readers know, we always try to do a little extra support for the conventions that we are attending and what I mean by that is I will share guest and vendor announcements when I have the news in addition to the traditional website overview and social media barrage. Earlier this week, the first three voice actors were announced and since there is more to come I will just edit this single narrative so you have everything in one place. Let’s go.

liberty city anime con

The Press Release:
We’re excited to announce three fantastic returning guests of honor. These three voice actors have been in all your favorite shows, from Fairy Tail to Soul Eater to Baccano!, One Piece, DBZ, and Fullmetal Alchemist. We’re excited they will be joining us again in 2019!

Tyler Walker:
Tyler Walker is an ADR director, line producer, script writer and voice actor for FUNimation Entertainment. A native of East Texas, he grew up spending equal time playing in the woods, playing Atari, and watching cartoons like Scooby Doo, Superfriends, Star Blazers, and Battle of the Planets. After graduating from the University of North Texas with a BA in Radio, Television, and Film, he spent time playing in bands and eventually started working as an ADR engineer and production assistant at FUNimation in 2002. A bit of trivia: His former band, The Pointy Shoe Factory, had three songs featured in Dragon Ball Z Movie Eight: Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan. Since then, he has worked as ADR director on nearly one thousand episodes of such series as Baccano!, Toriko, Ghost Hunt, Basilisk, Black Cat, Samurai Warriors, Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, Hell Girl, Is This a Zombie, Kado: The Right Answer, Tales of Zestiria, 91 Days, Dies Irae and King’s Game. Currently, he’s directing two simuldubs; Hakyu Hoshin Engi and Basilisk: Ouka Ninja Scroll. In addition to directing and producing, he has also written hundreds of scripts for titles such as Fairy Tail, One Piece, Bamboo Blade, Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, Hero Tales, Shangri-La, Samurai Warriors, and both seasons of Is This A Zombie. When he’s not at the FUNimation studios, Tyler plays drums and produces music for his bands, Wirewings and 100’s. His wife, Heather, has appeared in several titles like Maken-Ki, Shangri-la, Fairy Tail, Toriko, and Overlord as well. Somehow they still find time to go play in the woods with their three dogs.

Heather Walker:
Heather Walker loves the freaks, the geeks, and the oddballs. From birds and giant rats, to tortured mystical children and sexy nurses, she has played a wide variety of roles in her time as a voice actress. Whether she is screaming her head off for an entire scene or being innocently naughty, Heather loves extreme characters. Some of her roles include Hiruko from Shangri-La, Aki from Maken-Ki, the misunderstood villain Mary Hughes in Fairy Tail Rina in King’s Game, “Wise King of the Forest” Hamsuke in Overlord and Zoe, the revolutionary girl, in the audio play Chimpanzee. She studied creative writing at the University of North Texas and besides voice acting, Heather is a writer, poet, birdwatcher, and environmentalist. So not only does she love voicing animals, she loves protecting them too.
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PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con & Anime Festival 2010: Day 2 (Part Two)

So here we are again with our extensive coverage of the happenings over at the Jacob Javits Center for the 5th Annual NY Comic Con & Anime Festival.  As we had previously mentioned in the posts related to the event, the three day affair was very simply too massive in scope to just present to you in one narrative so we broke it down into a few unique parts.  Welcome to chapter four, I thank you for returning and hope you are enjoying this stuff as much as we are. Continue reading PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con & Anime Festival 2010: Day 2 (Part Two)

PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con & Anime Festival 2010: Day 1 (Part Two)

So here we are again with what I am calling “Part Two” of the Day One coverage of NY Comic Con & Anime Festival 2010.  My reason for the sub-dividing of it all was based on my seeing so much and wanting to share it all with you.  If you have never attended a Comic Con like this you will really thank me for it later.  To say that I was “camera happy” would be an understatement but again there was a lot to absorb.  Let’s get down to it. Here’s a living dead girl supporting the “It Sucks To Be Dead” title.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Sexy, Smart and Dead as a Door Nail. Watch out folks she's hungry

Next up is our friend Steve Bunche, Media Ronin and Comics Expert Emeritus. I’ve known Steve a long time and ran into him again after many years on the train to work. He’s tossed some of his views into the fires of PiercingMetal content as well. Right now he was catching a break and watching the Connor/Palmiotti tables in Artists Alley.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
His Lordship Steve Bunche

Now let’s get back to some of the artists tables. Here is Victor Ochoa and his books “Toxicity” and “Beloved”.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Victor Ochoa

A better view of his stuff on the table.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Ochoa's "Toxicity" and "Beloved"

Next up we ran into Fiona Meng at her table.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Fiona Meng

She had some really nice drawings on display.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
The Art of Fiona Meng

As did Mr. Alex Milne who was showcasing some cool Transformers art.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Alex Milne

Here is a shot of “Batmo” and he is friends with the guys in Powerglove, but we will talk about them a little later on.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Powerglove's Batmo!!!

Now let’s get down to some costumed participants shall we. What better way to get this going than with Captain America – The First Avenger.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Captain America - The First Avenger

This dude was at the Sega booth along with the girls from Street Fighter that we saw earlier, and his costume was outstanding. Sadly, I never saw him with the mask on which was a shame.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Princess Leia's All Around Me

Here’s a double dose of Princess Leia and while each were lovely, you know that the fans and everyone around were leaning toward the Slave Leia costume. Thank you again George Lucas for being the man who you are and giving us geeks something to dream upon.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010

This was a great Robocop and the dude inside did not break character.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
One More of Captain America

I just had to snare another of Captain America because at the time I was unsure of how good or bad my shot of him at that green screen was. This is okay as a movie is coming out next year that will be something we all enjoy.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Captain Vitamin Water Man

Here’s someone dressed as a bottle of Vitamin Water. That was different. I wasn’t sure whether this was a commercial or someone’s idea of getting a sponsorship.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Hero Up!

Just a little graphic about the Hero Up online game. I am sorry but I don’t know much more about it.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Pretend To Be Someone Else

The convention center had these in a number of locations and people could pop their heads through and get a photograph taken. These four allow you to be either The Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Thanos or Captain America. No, I did not take advantage of these. I was tempted of course.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
The Mighty Avengers & Spidey

As I wandered I happened upon a video being show which lined out the cast for the in development “Avengers” movie. It will not be out until 2012 but it will be a movie that pits Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and a few others against The Incredible Hulk. I’m excited but worried at the same time.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Wonder Woman is in the House err Convention

This lass did a great Wonder Woman and not too far from her was this next chap done up as Captain Marvel.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010

A little earlier we saw all of these pods from “Alien” but no monsters. That was until we ran into a group of Predators.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Predators Vs. NY Comic Con

Here’s some visual of a table devoted to the Lady Death comic series. I used to LOVE this character when it was out on Chaos! Comics but I have long ago lost track of the storyline.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
The Lady's Name Is.........Death

Coming up next is the massive table set up by Abrams Comicart. These books looked awesome but as you can see they are BIG. Sell all your smaller ones on Amazon.com so you can get some of these in your collection.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Abrams Comicart

This costume made me laugh aloud because it was so cute and there was another reason which even she didn’t realize.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Some "Chick" LOLOL

You see the young lady is dressed as a baby chick but was holding onto an order of chicken nuggets. I asked her if this was a part of the gag and she laughed herself at the weird timing of her lunch and being snapped in full chicken regalia. Amusing.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
The Hi-Chew King

By the time I ran into the Hi-Chew King, I was starving and would have followed him into battle if it meant getting a couple more of the candies he was carrying around. They reminded me of Starburst chews.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Dead Girls Are Easy

Now hold your horses as I am not insulting this fine young Zombie girl but instead quoting the song from The 69 Eyes. It just seemed appropriate for the setting. She is actually a part of the High School Of The Dead anime series. Here is another shot of her before I got away from her undead clutches.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
My Undead Girlfriend, Oh Wait, She's Uber Dead

Next up was the table of Boshi-Basiik which is a company started by Miss Susan Nguyen who we see in the photo. I loved what she had done and was happy to share an image for you all.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Boshi-Basiik's Susan Nguyen and Friend

Aren’t these hats awesome? Susan created some really great designs so if you like them go buy them.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Boshi Basiik Fleece Hats

Now back to the general festivities and our next costumed guest was Miss Harley Quinn. Great job Harleen.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Harley Quinn

Keeping on the journey’s path I next happened upon four “Gud Girlz”, and that’s pronounced “Good” if you were curious about it. Lovely smiles ladies.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Four Gud Girlz

More clothes were to be seen at the booth setup by “RAWRS”. Here we get an inside look at the stuff thanks to their charming salesgirls Stephanie and Ariel.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
The Girls of RAWRS
ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Ariel & Steph Show Off Some Shirts by RAWRS

Here’s Allison Hourcade and her creations with Rock Love Designs. Her stuff is worn by more people than I can line out here but include Emilie Autumn, M. Lazar and many, many more. Great stuff.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Allison Hourcade of Rock Love Designs

Wandering the rows was this herald for the VampireFreaks booth.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Follow Me To The VampireFreaks Booth

Here’s a cool Mother/Daughter Cosplay Team.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010

Next in view a sharp dressed Gothic Lass. Love the redness of your hair doll.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010

Here we see some pure as the driven snow Catholic School girls who were helping to pitch a very different product called “Jesus Dressup”.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Jesus Dressup Girls

These were selling pretty well as it was just too strange to resist. The devil himself is a fan and pitchman. There were different kinds and included a Holiday as well as a Star Wars theme. Amazing.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
"Jesus Dressup" Products

There was a lot of Japanese culture stuff available as we see on this table. Beautiful clothes.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
The Far East Comes To The East Coast

The next few images are devoted to the J-Pop singers and their booths since they were also appearing at Comic Con this year. I’ve listened to J-Rock before but never J-Pop so this would be new for me as well. First up, Miss Yumipuff.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
J-Pop Sensation Yumipuff

I guess the best way to describe J-Pop is as a more radio friendly kind of stuff than what I usually listen to and its rapidly gaining an audience here in the states thanks to all the Anime shows that use it for theme songs. For these shots I asked Yumipuff to hold her recent and self-titled album.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Yumipuff and her CD

Just over to Yumipuff’s left of booth was a young lady named Reni Mimura who is another J-Pop singer and one that does what is called a “Japanese Maid Show”. Here we see a candid pose of Reni.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Miss Reni Mimura

And another shot of her holding her own album “Sakura” which I am told means “cherry blossoms”.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Maid Reni & Her Sakura CD

I didn’t get to hear any of her album for an analysis but I think this was being played by the DJ that they also had in the booth with them. It’s definitely younger fan focused. Now it was time to be the Rock Photo Journalist and get the singers in a single shot together.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Miss Reni Mimura & Yumipuff

Here we have a nice shot of the ladies in their small but merchandise stocked booth.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
The Ladies Say "Support Our Music"

Let’s not forget to snare a shot of them showcasing their new albums. Good media promo at all times.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Reni and a J-Pop Fan Cosplayer

We had to move on from this section now, but did snare one more shot of Reni with a fan in her costume.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010

One of the booths had a replica of the 1956 Horror movie “She-Creature”. I never saw this movie, but admit that the rather sizable monster was impressive. On its left is a costume for “Robot Monster” unless I am mistaken.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Green Screen Man?

Here’s someone in a “green screen” bodysuit. This would allow him to be invisible on camera if he is standing in front of a green screen of course.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Angry Drunk Graphics

Next up was the Angry Drunk Graphics booth that had some cool devil plush dolls for sale. I didn’t buy any this year but perhaps at the 2011 Event I shall.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Angry Drunk Graphics Plush Dolls

Next up are three lovelies sporting the schwag for “Tekken”. That’s a video game in case you wondered.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010
Tekken Girls

Alright my friends that brings me to the end of our second chapter from the exploration. Have you had enough or do you want some more? You do? Well that is a good thing because more is what is coming even if you had said that you had enough LOL. I’ll be back tomorrow with the third chapter from my Day One adventures and if you have not done so already, please head over to the Official PiercingMetal Facebook and give it a like so you can see some of the side photos and notations. Also, and this one is super important to me. Please click on some of these links (and there are a lot of them from this chapter) so support the talented people that were showcased in this chapter. See you tomorrow with more. Ciao for now.

NY Comic Con: http://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/
Alex Milne: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_Milne
Alien Surfer Babes: http://aliensurferbabes.com/
Angry Drunk Graphics: http://angrydrunkgraphics.com/
Clumsy Plush: http://www.clumsyplush.com/
Effigy Skateboards: http://effigyskateboards.com/
Fiona Meng:http://www.fionameng.com/
Lou Ferrigno: http://www.louferrigno.com/
Metrosexuals: http://www.myspace.com/themetrosexuals
Mimobot: http://www.mimoco.com/shop/
Mistress Juliya: http://www.myspace.com/mistressjuliya
Poke My Voodoo: http://www.pokemyvoodoo.com/
Ron English: http://www.popaganda.com/blog1.php
Vamplets: http://www.vamplets.com/
VampireFreaks: http://vampirefreaks.com/
Vixens Of Virtue Vixens Of Vice: http://www.vixensofvirtuevixensofvice.com/
Reni Mimura: http://www.renireni.com/
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Boshi-Basiik: http://www.basiik.net//
The Aexeous Robot: http://www.aexeous.com/
Jesus Dressup: http://www.jesusdressup.com/
Rock Love Designs: http://www.rocklove.com/

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