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Celebrate Metal; Celebrate Life; Celebrate Ronnie James Dio (7/10/1942-5/16/210)

That’s all I have to say about it…….

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The Godfather Of Metal Watches Over Us

Note: Please know that the means to comment on this post have been turned off and we ask that any reflection thoughts or toasts about Ronnie James Dio that you wish to share be left on our first Memorial posting that can be found HERE. Thank you.

Two Years Gone: Ronnie James Dio (1942-2010)

Time flies doesn’t it? Perhaps I said that last year when the first anniversary came to pass. I think that I might have and while I was initially on the fence about posting a two year reflection about the passing of Ronnie James Dio, when the day started out I decided that I should. Let’s face it. Ronnie James Dio became one of the most important figures in Heavy Metal music ever. Without question or controversy, he was the man, and one of the most visible champions of the genre that we have ever had in our corner. His death crushed many and he is missed every single day by his worldwide legions of fans. Since he passed away a whole lot of stuff has popped up in terms of releases or bands touring in his memory. We’ve found unreleased classic shows and limited edition vinyl releases along with special edition versions of some of his work with Rainbow, Elf and of course Dio. A Tribute To Dio band called “Dio Disciples” tours with Ripper Owens at the helm and now a new band that features members of Dio’s first solo touring band are working on unleashing their own thing and I am sure that we have not seen nothing yet.

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Since Ronnie’s death another interesting development was the proposed reunion of the original members of Black Sabbath but now that seems to be a questionable project since it no longer involves the founding Bill Ward. I know that Geezer and Tony didn’t want to continue on with Heaven And Hell without Ronnie at the helm, but I so wish they would have just opted to find someone who would do proper respect to the man and his memory and let these tunes be heard night after night in live concert instead of only being pulled out of the DVD cabinet every now and again. Still I am glad I own the catalog items that I have and I was so glad to have taken photos of him in concert a few times when the means allowed me to do so. Those are my memories. What are your own?

Clicking the photo above will take you to the original memorial blog posting that ran on PiercingMetal Musings the day that Ronnie passed away. I chose to present it to you in this manner as opposed to just making it a “sticky” on the top of the other posts. Please note that the comments have been closed on this particular posting but you can leave any thoughts you might have about Dio on the original memorial piece if you so desire. We welcome your own thoughts about his memory and his continuing influence upon the Heavy Metal scene. So many of us miss him still and wonder how the last two years in Metal might have been had he not been ill or at least been able to recover. Oh well. There is nothing we can do to change the outcome that we got, but let’s blast the Metal music a little bit louder today and never ever forget what Dio gave to us for so many decades of his life.

Note: Please know that the means to comment on this post have been turned off and we ask that any reflection thoughts or toasts about Ronnie James Dio that you wish to share be left on our first Memorial posting that can be found HERE. Thank you.

One Year Later: Ronnie James Dio Remembered

Has it been a year already?

Well yes I guess it has and its probably safe to say that the worlds Metal and Hard Rock fans will forever remember where they were and what they were doing when they first learned that singer Ronnie James Dio had passed away. This comes from the amazing importance that his very being meant to the music community and just how vital he was to its positive growth with not only his music and creativity but also in the way that he carried himself in the public eye. I have yet to meet a Metal head who didn’t love almost everything that Dio stood for. One cannot question this stance because the musician was nothing short of prolific in his body of work and he impressed everyone again and again.

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The Legendary Ronnie James Dio: Click Photo for Original Memorial Narrative

The Metal Republic had already been having a bad year as only a month before Ronnie died we had lost Type O Negative’s Peter Steele.  Recovery had slowly begun from that news but when word was made official about Ronnie being gone there was not a Heavy Metal fan anywhere in the world that didn’t feel a cold numbness taking them over.  For many fans this man was the pre-eminent legend and his being taken from us was a cruel reminder of just how human our idols truly were.   The realization that the same ills that befall us all can even take away those who bring us peace of mind stung like nothing ever felt before.   Of course Ronnie would leave us with an amazing body of work with Rainbow, Dio, Black Sabbath and Heaven & Hell so he would live forever on in our musical mind.  His passing would lead to the formation of a record label by his wife Wendy and through this the Metal world would be able to enjoy historical releases and material never before seen or heard before.
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