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“Tour Sampler 2014” by Mastodon/Gorjira/Kvelertak

Artist: Mastodon/Gorjira/Kvelertak
Title: “Tour Sampler 2014”
Label: Roadrunner Records/Relapse Records
Release Date: 2014
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

In honor of this titanic Metal Touring Threesome (which sounds dirtier than I anticipated), a new and very free live EP has been made available at certain shows and is anxious for the public to get their hands on it. Fans will get a track apiece from each of the bands so one from Mastodon, one from Gojira and lastly one from Kvelertak. As two of the bands are on Roadrunner Records, this issue is a shared effort with Relapse Records. As I have noted already, the tunes are live and we begin with Mastodon’s “The Curl Of The Burl” which is a crunching live number that packs a lot of groove. I’ve probably seen Mastodon about three or four times by now and while I wasn’t an early study, I got into them on the tail end of their “Leviathan” tour and was really impressed with their concert presentation. My hope is that this simply EP sparks enough interest in those fans who are for some reason or another still on the fence because this particular tour is solid from beginning to end.
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Win To See Dying Fetus In NYC On 11/1/2013

Poster - Dying Fetus at Gramercy - 2013

The Details: Since 1991, the band Dying Fetus has been blowing their fans minds with their intense brand of Death Metal with its complex riffing, furious drum blast beats and lyrical themes that often deal with a political framework. Twenty two years after their formation, the bands sole original member is founder John Gallagher maintains course for the band and their latest release “Reigns Supreme” came care of Relapse Records, the bands album home for over a dozen years. Their latest tour brings them to town with support from Exhumed, Abiotic and Rivers Of Nihill and its exciting to announce that thanks to Livenation, some of the PiercingMetal Fans are going to get to enjoy this show for free. By the way, while they are listed on the poster, Devourment had dropped off the tour a few weeks ago. Read further below on how to participate in this contest.
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Win Tix To See Death To All In NYC On 4/24/2013

Poster - Death To All Tour at Irving Plaza - 2013

The Scoop: The name of Chuck Schuldiner is one of legend in the Metal world for his innovative technique and skillful displays of brutality in his band Death. Formed way back in 1983 by the guitarist, the band paved the way for the still growing Death Metal scene and while not its first provider of mayhem, Chuck is often referred to as “The Father Of Death Metal” based on his incredible contributions. The band released seven studio albums and Chuck also had a group called Control Denied which he helmed after Death’s disbanding and sadly in 2001 we would lose this talented musician who died of pneumonia while at the same time was dealing with brain cancer. His music would never be forgotten and now in 2013 as an event to benefit the Sweet Relief Charity, musicians who had been a part of Deaths rich history will unite and perform in honor of Chuck to bring us the brutality once again. We can thank the folks of Livenation for putting some PiercingMetal fans into the room. Read on for contest details.

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Pentagram @ B.B. King Blues Club (1/17/2010)

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Atheist @ B.B. King Blues Club (7/12/2009)

It’s been far too many years since Atheist had toured and now fans of the Technical Thrash Metal outfit have cause for celebration as the band returns to deliver their musical message as only they can.   The Metal innovators would be supporting a live release entitled “Unquestionable Presence: Live At Wacken/Pieces Of Time (1988/1993)” and give NYC fans a rousing show that also featured Gnostic, Psyopus and The Faceless.  The Agonist were also scheduled to appear on this bill tonight but ran into transportation issues that caused them to cancel.   Despite the surprising change we were on point to bring the entire evening to the readers.  Please click the logo below to be taken to our article on the main PiercingMetal.com site.  We discussed and photographed all performers.

Logo - Atheist

Artist: Atheist
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: The Agonist, Gnostic, The Faceless,
Date: 6/12/2009
Relapse Records

Last night I took the Heavy Metal adventuring out to New Jersey to see the one and only Judas Priest and Whitesnake in concert and each of them would be celebrating a monumental recording from their careers. It was an incredible hike since it was the first time in a long while that I was not driving to this particular concert arena with friends but of course I was certainly not alone as many of the areas Metal faithful were also on point and seemed to be traveling alongside me. The rationale for hitting the Saturday evening show in New Jersey as opposed to the Sunday one in NY’s own Wantaugh, Long Island was very simply because Sunday was going to be the return of Atheist and believe it or not their very first NYC appearance as well. The educated fan knows the name full well based on their being Technical Thrash Metal experts from back in a time where there really was no such title being used for the bands yet. You were either a Metal band or you were not quite a Metal band. To miss this particular gig would have been unconscionable and considering it was bringing along a number of other talented acts like Gnostic, The Agonist, Psyopus and The Faceless how could I go wrong by not being in attendance.
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