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“At The Arena Ov Aion – Live Apostasy” by Behemoth

Artist: Behemoth
Title: “At The Arena Ov Aion – Live Apostasy”
Label: Regain Records
Release Date: 12/9/2008
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

If you are an Extreme Metal fan that is worth their salt then you know full well about the impact and decimating power that is the band Behemoth and if you don’t know about them then it is high time that you started paying attention. Hailing from Poland, the mighty Behemoth are a take no prisoners Blackened Death Metal band that holds such power and thrall over their audiences that it leaves them numb after each and every show. If you’ve been fortunate enough to catch them in concert then you know what I mean and if you have not, then this is a lesson I insist you plan on learning. “At The Arena Ov Aion” is a live recording that somehow manages to capture the true essence and power of this band in concert and this is no easy feat to accomplish because the feeling at one of the bands shows is just so overwhelming. When played at certain volumes the listener can almost feel the anger and intensity being directed at him (or her) by the bands leader Nergal as he spits out the commands and leads his triumphant armies to march over the bones of their enemies. A Behemoth show is not for everyone I will admit, but if you love the things that bands like Suffocation or Cryptopsy do based on its speed and overall technical delivery, then Behemoth is surely one of the next wave of super powers for the Extreme Metal genre. The uneducated listener should be aware that their premise while Death Metal, has the Blackened side seasoned in and hence makes their subject matter somewhat blasphemous. They are staunchly anti-Christian which we find in songs like “Antichristian Phenomenon” and “Christians To The Lions” to cite an example. They are not recommended for the more pious of listeners that are out there.
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Marduk @ Blender Theater at Gramercy (12/16/2009)

Logo - Marduk

Artist: Marduk
Venue: Blender Theater at Gramercy (New York, NY)
Opener: Merrimack, Mantic Ritual, Black Anvil, Nachtmystium
Date: 12/16/2009
Label: Regain Records

After the rather intense happenings of last week I was almost thankful that there was a few days breather for me after the chaos experienced at the GWAR show. That was probably the wildest and most dangerous room I had walked into for a show in a long, long time (and remember that I was saying this after only seeing Municipal Waste a couple of days prior). Now with my composure regained and the fright of a moving barricade gone from my mind for the most part I was at the ready to welcome back the one and only Marduk who were back as they had promised us a number of months ago when they did those three East Coast shows. Their return was for a full length tour called the “US Plague Tour” and it found Nachtmystium, Merrimack, Mantic Ritual and Black Anvil setting up the night for them across the hapless cities of America. Like many shows in NYC tonight’s gig would have a local opened but we missed Dimention entirely and arrived just in time to see Black Anvil take the stage. Here is how the night progressed for any foolish enough to have missed it.
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Marduk @ Blender Theater at Gramercy (8/15/2009)

It was about three months ago for the Blackendedfest that found Metal fans on a 24/7 watch based on the absence of Black Metal legends Marduk. International snafus were to blame but now the time had come for the bands return and arrive they would. Three shows delivered justly with no mercy given. The triumphant appearance found Marduk appearing in NYC with Withered, Black Anvil and Tombs. We were on point for the full show and present images of all the performers along with commentary for the curious eye.

Logo - Marduk

Artist: Marduk
Venue: Blender Theater (New York, NY)
Opener: Withered, Black Anvil, Tombs
Date: 8/15/2009
Label: Regain Records

Back in May the Blackenedfest was unleashed upon the world’s Metal loyalists and this crushing bill was to feature the co-headlining menace of Mayhem and Marduk but international traveling snafus got in the way and Mayhem would make the trek on their own while Marduk remained in their own country. Fast forward a few months after the recovery had begun from the Blackenedfest as a seething Marduk planned a quick visit to our region. The quick tour was exactly that and no more than three dates on the East Coast with tonight’s event being the closer of them all. The band arrived in NYC a day earlier and would do a meet and greet with their fans at the popular Duff’s Bar in Brooklyn and this event was very well received according to reports. I’m not sure if their upcoming album “Wormwood” was spun at the bar, but I would be part of a select lucky media group who were offered the chance to hear the new music on the bands tour bus prior to this evenings show. I had to say that this was some seriously impressive Black Metal and will really keep their listeners on the edge of their seats when it arrives in the stores in the next couple of months. To my knowledge this evening’s show was sold out and that made sense given the fact that it had been a number of years since the band last invaded this territory. The shows would feature Withered and Black Anvil as supporting acts, and tonight’s NYC show found Brooklyn’s own Tombs kicking the whole night off. Here is how the evening went for those who were unable to attend.
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“Panzer Division Marduk” by Marduk

Artist: Marduk
Title: “Panzer Division Marduk” (remaster)
Label: Regain Records
Release Date: 4/1/2008
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

Often cited as perhaps the bands most seminal work, “Panzer Division Marduk” is a throttling and relentless example of “True Swedish Black Metal” that rarely slows its pace to give the listener a chance to breath. The release was the bands sixth album and unlike its predecessors keeps a continued pace and speed which do at times make it a little difficult to discern where one tune ends and another begins. I am not saying that their earlier work was any less intense, but based on those albums which I had heard there were more changes being offered the listener whereas this one just gives the listener a continual slap in the face. With Black Metal that is not always a bad thing but for someone like myself, I enjoy the periodic tempo and groove changes much more than some of my fellow listeners might. Pure aggression and purpose are par for the course with this kind of material and while Marduk excels at the format, I love when the bands change it up just a little to keep it interesting and better showcase their musicianship. This is angrier than hell stuff and not for the weak spirited listener by any means. It begins with the albums title track that sets you up for the lightning fast ride that is about to proceed and even though they are hitting the sixth recording with this originally released in 1999 album, they had not strayed far from their malicious intent in terms of the subject matter that they are addressing. Tracks like “Christraping Black Metal” and “Fistfucking God’s Planet” would be clear examples of this point. Favorites for me came with “Beast Of Prey” and the two bonus tracks that the remastered edition offers us “Deathride” and “Todeskessel Kurland”. Singer Legion sounds as if his very black soul is at stake for a good majority of the piece and while intense as hell on the drum kit; we don’t get a lot of experimentation from Fredrik Andersson who pretty much keeps it to blistering speed blast beats.
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“XXV” by Vader

Artist: Vader
Title: “XXV”
Label: Regain Records
Release Date: 6/24/2008
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

The term “Greatest Hits” is such an odd one to use when it comes to describing the material that has come from a crushing Death Metal act like Vader and yet over the course of their career they have released numerous songs that are beloved by their fan base and would be deserving of such a title when this was taken into consideration. I have to admit that it is hard to believe that the world first heard Vader music some twenty five years ago and yet I am happy to be able to report that they have certainly not mellowed or grown comfortable in their “ripe old age” and instead clearly broadcast the intensity and brutality as fresh today as they did in their earliest days. In order to properly celebrate their anniversary the band chose to take a couple of dozen of their most powerful numbers and get back into the studio to re-record them. To make sure they got to everything they would even toss in a couple of more for good measure and the result is this extraordinary compilation CD. Many times when a band opts to “revisit” older material, there is an inside motive from them about how this was “the way that these songs meant to be heard” and often the results are less than noteworthy when it comes down to it. If you don’t believe me, just listen to the disappointing redo of “Stay Hungry” by Twisted Sister from a few years ago. Luckily for Death Metal fans of the world this is not the case with the Vader revisits and instead of lackluster renditions we get a thrashing that is not easily recovered from. The album as a result offers a consistency in production for their earliest material inclusions all the way up to their most recent ones that get featured on the CD and it is sure to please any fan of the genre not to mention the hardest core follower of the band.
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