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Metal Church @ Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany (6/12/2017)

Artist: Metal Church in Germany
Venue: Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany
Opener: n/a
Date: 6/12/2017
Label: Rat Pak Records

Three subways, a regional train from Hessen to Bavaria, one taxi, and ½ mile of walking, and I finally made it to Aschaffenburg, Bavaria. An intimidating trip to take alone as a stranger in a strange land, but well worth the trek.

Backwoods Germany is a strange place to see the very American Thrash legends Metal Church, but it was probably one of the most packed shows. Another group with the energy of fully functional teenagers. Mike Howe is back on lead vocals and has the same range that made his early albums with Metal Church classics. The other change in lineups since the last album/tour cycle didn’t slow the guys down as Stet Howland killed on drums and will, hopefully, be a permanent addition. Those only now following the bands activity should know that Howeland replaced Jeff Plate (Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) a few short months ago.

“Fake Healer” was an easy choice to get the crowd going and despite the remote location, this was a fair size audience for Church to hold Metal services. I was honestly shocked at how many enthusiastic fans came out to see them. At the end note of every song, the audience was screaming for “Metal Church” until the band relented and played their next hit. Seismic activity could probably be read as far away as London.
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“XI” by Metal Church

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The latest release from the mighty Metal Church is entitled “XI” and features the return of vocalist Mike Howe. This album comes care of Rat Pak Records.

Win A Ticket For Metal Church @ B.B. King Blues Club On 3/28/2016

Poster - Metal Church at BB Kings - 2016

The Details: There are few bands that deliver the classic sound quite like Metal Church and it’s great to find them still bringing their brand of preaching to the masses at show after show. Though more of a fan from the sidelines over the years I have always enjoyed their material and live presentations and am very excited about their upcoming album “XI” which will come care of Rat Pak Records. Joining into the lineup for the tour will be guitarist Chris Caffery (Savatage/Trans-Siberian Orchestra) joining in with the great Kurt Vanderhoof and his TSO colleague Jeff Plate. Opening up on the shows is those upstarts of modern Thrash in Hatchet. All of this makes me happy to announce that the band will once again be returning to the stage of the B.B. King Blues Club and thanks to venue some of the PiercingMetal readers are going to get to enjoy the show for free. Cool right? Read more below on how this works.

When and Where: Monday, March 28th at B.B. King Blues Club 7:30pm (237 West 42nd Street NYC)
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The Return Of Metal Church with Mike Howe Tour Dates

In keeping up with my getting a bunch of tours out to your viewing screen I have a feeling this one will go over well. Fans of the Metal Church will be pleased as all get out at the news that singer Mike Howe has returned to the lineup and compounded that coolness with news about a new tour. Check out the poster below and then I’ll chime back in.

Tour - Metal Church - 2016

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Apologies for not having the full rundown lines out in the text side of this post but the poster is pretty clear and shall have to suffice for you. Now, truth be told I never really followed Metal Church back in the heyday so many years ago but I found myself getting a little more into them once I started discussing their works here on the website. Then I caught them in concert and just love what guitarist Vanderhoof does and Mr. Jeff Plate from Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Newer fans should be aware that this is a band that delivers pure and unadulterated Heavy Metal music and since they have Mike Howe back on the vocals this should be a treat for all in attendance. What do you think of this tour and will you go? Let me know in the comments section.

Official Website: http://www.metalchurchofficial.com