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“Rainbow: English Castle Magic” by Martin Popoff

Author: Martin Popoff
Title: “Rainbow: English Castle Magic”
Label: Metal Blade Records
Release Date:
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

Rainbow would be the creative outlet that Ritchie Blackmore launched after he found himself continually discontent with the way things were going as a result of being a member of Deep Purple. He decided to start again fresh with new people and felt this was better than being at odds with the group and from this his first order of business would be to team up with the young but enigmatic Ronnie James (then a member of Elf). The music the pair would create would not be as steeped in the Blues as Purple was but instead be a Hard Rock exposition filled with images of dungeons and dragons and mysticism as that was what both Dio and Blackmore were interested in. From the onset of the group’s creation the lineup would be a revolving door of talented individuals and this book by Rock Historian Martin Popoff is loaded with the details on all of them and the times that they served as members of this truly incredible, but short-lived group. It’s a band that put the talents of musicians like Cozy Powell (drums), Graham Bonnet (vocals) and Joe Lynn Turner (vocals) into the limelight and helped launch their own careers that had levels of acclaim to them based on their endeavors in Rainbow.
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