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“Mindcrime At The Moore” (DVD) by Queensryche

Artist: Queensryche
Title: “Mindcrime At The Moore”
Label: Rhino Entertainment
Release Date: 7/3/2007
Genre: Progressive Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

When Queensryche chose to follow their masterpiece “Operation: Mindcrime” with a sequel, the aspect of this was the source of much debate between their long time fans and the Hard Rock/Metal community as a whole. The album while good suffered comparisons to the original which was never its intent but was to be expected even though this piece was set 20 years into the future lives of the characters we met on the original. Not long after its release the band went on tour and presented both albums from beginning to end in two incredible acts, and as you might have expected these shows were nothing short of blockbusters. It was the kind of concert that after you saw it you would muse to yourself about how excellent it would be on DVD. Fortunately for us the guys in Queensryche had the very same thoughts on their mind when they were doing this tour and as result we get the explosive DVD “Mindcrime At The Moore”. The film presents the entire concert as it was delivered on the stage and it was so massive an undertaking that each “Mindcrime” gets its own DVD. Many of you already own the first DVD that Queensryche delivered for the original “Mindcrime” tour, but outside of a couple of dramatic poses and one guest appearance on it was strictly a concert film. The difference here is that the dual presentation of the complete “Mindcrime” saga is as much a Broadway theatre experience as it is a Rock concert. Tate proves his salt as an actor as the band begins and he motions and gestures through every note like some seasoned Hollywood veteran. His vocals might no longer reach some of the shrieking high notes of the past but he still remains one of the best lead vocalists in the business today. I was impressed at how good he was able to handle this since two full albums that are loaded with lyrics is quite a task for any performer to do. The band is impeccably tight as always and sometimes are in costume that reflects the subject matter that they are performing. When the show begins we even find a marching band joining them onstage and it brings the energy of this dramatic album to life all the more.
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“The Art Of Live” by Queensryche

Artist: Queensyche
Title: “The Art Of Live”
Label: Sanctuary Records
Release Date: 6/8/2004
Genre: Progressive Metal
Rating: 6/10

It is seldom that I am unimpressed with a DVD that gets released by Queensryche but that was the case when I began to watch the release “The Art Of Live”. Perhaps I was spoiled by the releases “Live Evolution” or “Operation: Livecrime” DVD releases or perhaps this was just so lacking that it did not do much more than disappoint. Queensryche is one of the most exciting of the Progressive Metal bands to have existed but this live DVD is so toned down and unlive in its overall sound that you might has well watch a filmed and scripted video. The movie is shot entirely in black and white and while it looks cool for a little while I would have preferred to see some color. The light show that the group uses during their performances is lost entirely as a result of this filming method. Sound wise it seems to have been channeled right out of the soundboard and there is very little audience reaction heard. It’s practically a whisper and for a recording of a live show you want a little more on that end when possible. The band sounds top notch in their musicianship as they normally do but this recording method makes them sound more canned than I would have preferred.
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