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Valiant Comics #1′s Coming In June 2015

Damn can you believe that it is June already in 2015? That means our year is almost at its midpoint so I am hoping that you have been having awesome times so far because I feel like I will blink and I will be wishing you all a Happy New Year. Okay before I get off track let me start this months Comic Book Insights with the latest and greatest from Valiant Entertainment. There are not a whole lot of first issues for this particular month but we shall focus on them just the same. There are quite a few continuing story lines to enjoy so please click through to the company website at the end of this narrative. Let’s go.

XO Manowar - Valiant 25th - 1
XO Manowar – Valiant 25th – 1

X-O Manowar: Valiant 25th Anniversary Special #1: New York Times best-selling writer Robert Venditti (ARMOR HUNTERS, Green Lantern) and red-hot artist CAFU (UNITY) celebrate 25 years of Valiant with an all-new introduction to Valiant’s number one hero — the unstoppable X-O Manowar! The sentient X-O Manowar armor is the most powerful weapon in the universe. But long before the armor fell into the hands of Aric of Dacia, it had a history of its own. Now, for the first time, join us as we uncover the secrets behind one of the most unique artifacts in the history of comics…and dive deeper into the X-O Manowar mythology in an all-new special standalone story!
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Valiant Comics #1′s Coming In January 2015

Well hello again my dear Comic book fans and welcome once again to 2015. My hope is that you had a great ringing in of the new year and got some sufficient rest yesterday because now its time to get back to business of informing you about music and comics that you will enjoy. This month from Valiant Comics we only have two brand new offerings and as I’ve done before I have copied the press information and shared the cover art. I’ll chime in at the close of the piece with some thoughts on these two series.

Comic - Ivar Timewalker 1 - 2014

Ivar Timewalker: From the New York Times best-selling team of Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry comes a centuries-spanning race against the clock, straight out of the pages of ARCHER & ARMSTRONG! Prehistoric empires! Dystopian futures! And everywhere in between! The past, present, and future of our universe are about to meet an untimely end, and only the mysterious Ivar Anni-Padda can prevent all three from collapsing in on themselves. Unstuck in time, and pursued by enemies simultaneously across every moment of his time-lost life, can the man called Timewalker save everything that ever was, is, and will be? Get ready for a clock-stopping odyssey into the distant past and far future as the most unlikely Valiant hero of all leaps into his first history-ripping adventure!
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Valiant Comics #1′s Coming In December 2014

Alright so Thanksgiving is officially over and now that you have hopefully done enough working off that big meal that you had last week, its time for you to reward yourself and sit on the couch enjoying some new comic books and trade paperbacks from the various publishers. This installment is our continuing series of what you can enjoy in terms of new first issues or special editions from the Valiant Entertainment crew. Let’s get looking.

Comic - Valiant Sized Quantum and Woody 1 - 2014

Valiant Sized Quantum and Woody #1: Crisis of the infinite Woody-verse! Great creatives launch the world’s worst superhero team into an overloaded adventure that only a VALIANT-SIZED 40-page giant could possibly handle! An asteroid is about to destroy the planet, but with Quantum and Woody at the front line of an international team of heroes, everything’s sure to…oh sweet mercy, we’re doomed. And that’s BEFORE Thomas Edison opens a rip in the space-time continuum and lets in the mirror-image Woody of the alterna-verse!

Writer: Tim Siedell & James Asmus; Penciler: Pere Perez
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