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“Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes” by Linkin Park

Artist: Linkin Park
Title: “Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes”
Label: Warner Brothers
Release Date: 11/25/2008
Genre: Nu-Metal
Rating: 4/5

Recorded during their Projekt: Revolution Tour in 2008, “Road To Revolution” captures Linkin Park as they destroy the stage in front of 65,000 English fans. If you are somehow new to the sound of these Nu-Metal juggernauts then this is the perfect place to jump on board and if you are already a lifelong convert, then you will most likely love this but find some production reservations. My own experience with the band found me enjoying this quite a bit because I had listened to them before they got super big and followed them from their debut “Hybrid Theory” up until “Meteora”. While this was only two releases I had other bands to be passionate about and I was no longer enjoying the heavy influence from the Rap side that I was hearing from the group as it simply was not my thing. This concert focuses strongly on the debut while also delivering some of the goods from the albums that followed it and through it all, the fans are going crazy. It might be true that Linkin Park is not every conventional Metal heads cup of tea, but I will take anything from them over a single note from Limp Bizkit that’s for sure. Musically, I rather liked how heavy their sound was live and how their groove seemed to take you by the throat. Oddly enough I only caught the band once before in concert and this was when “Hybrid Theory” was decimating the popular charts. They do leave off a couple of numbers that I expected to find such as “Papercut” and “Runaway” which I always felt were highlights of the debut, but in truth you cannot always get to every song and you need to make choices that keep your audience finding the event to be fresh and unique.
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