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“The Progressive Rock Handbook” by Jerry Lucky

Author: Jerry Lucky
Title: “The Progressive Rock Handbook”
Publisher: Collector’s Guide Publishing
Release Date: 7/1/2008
Genre: Reference
Rating: 3.5/5

Jerry Lucky is the author of “20th Century Rock & Roll – Progressive Rock”, “The Progressive Rock Files” and “The Psychedelic Rock Files” and each of these caters to the specific purist of these unique genres. The latest tome to join his existing works on the bookshelves around the world is “The Progressive Rock Handbook” and this one is definitely something that should appease the fussiest of appetites in any hungry Progressive Rock fan. When it comes down to it, the Progressive Rock listener is often very hard to impress because of all the wide scoping musical experiments that makes the genre so interesting and based on this it’s good to have the author come off with more than an acceptable level of background on the topic. He begins by offering up words on his own interests in the Progressive Rock realm and it was interesting to find out about his adventures learning about the genre a little more. From there we get another sixty plus pages of thoughts about where he feels are the best places to experience the myriad number of bands of this type by using the means of the internet, the almost extinct stores who sell music and of course the festivals that are built up around its promotion. I found this section good for someone like me for while I enjoy Progressive Rock from a number of its stalwart deliverers; I am hardly an expert and took these topics as educational advice.
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