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Gwynbleidd @ Lit Lounge (10/26/2009)

Logo - Gwynbleidd

Artist: Gwynbleidd
Venue: The Lit Lounge (New York, NY)
Opener: Hung, Empyreon
Date: 10/26/2009
Label: Black Currant Music

While we had only just caught Gwynbleidd in concert a few weeks ago even after knowing about how they did things for years, we could not resist the chance to support them once again based on our enjoyment of their latest CD “Nostalgia”. Tonight the band would be celebrating the “official” release of the CD even though it had been circulating for a couple of months around the media circles. They would have the show down in the recesses of the Lit Lounge where we had been a couple of times before and I think the last time was for Unexpect and Virgin Black but that is a story for a different article and you can find that elsewhere on the site with a simple search. The band would be joined for the special occasion by both Hung and Empyreon. Hung would start off the night with a musical explosion.
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“Progeny” by Hung

Artist: Hung
Title: “Progeny”
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date: 7/25/2008
Genre: Progressive Experimental Metal
Rating: Excellent

Hung’s newest CD “Progeny” is one that immediately draws you into their musical web from the moment that the album begins to play. To me this was based on the overall depth of the dark melodies that start it off and their clear understanding about the progressive side of things as well. It opens with the title track which was a slower number and despite this it held an essence of sorrow thanks to Lyris Hung’s singing violin which manifests itself very tastefully all around. The vocals of Dmitry Kostitsyn are largely growling ones yet he manages to slide in some clean lines as well which add to the songs drama. There are a number of calm interludes that seemed to focus on the bass playing of Sam Roon and of course when placed all together I found it very satisfying and a band that was as intriguing as they were talented. The track ran for some ten minutes but it was not a boring span and instead one that found me eager to continue into the release. “Desert Of Sad” came up second and was what I considered the head banger of the album since it was a lot more driving than the opening track. This one has a couple of points where you feel the urge to get more into it. As an EP there are only five tracks delivered and while this was the case it seemed that after the opener that my favorite number fell to “Sediment Of War” and this was based on the really “live” sound it had to it.
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