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POSTPONED: Pro-Pain @ The Kingsland

Due to concerns about the Coronavirus Pandemic. The Kingsland has closed their doors until further notice. This show is postponed with no rescheduled date at the time of this update. Please refer to this calendar and venue socials for the latest listing updates.

Pro-Pain will demolish The Kingsland in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and find support from Nefariant.

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Pro-Pain @ Nihil Gallery

Celebrating 25 Years Of Pro-Pain the band delivers a crushing show in NYC. While originally scheduled for Santos Party House, the show has been moved to the Nihil Gallery now that SPH has closed its doors.

“Raw Video” by Pro-Pain

Artist: Pro-Pain
Title: “Raw Video”
Label: Candlelight Records
Release Date: 4/19/2005
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 5/10

With the release of “Raw Video” on Candlelight USA by Pro-Pain we have exactly that. A collection of raw footage of the band in concert and their videos but not much else. Honestly, this is very simply stated. There is no interview footage or real extras to speak of. Just solid thrashing metal delivered by a mainstay in the genre. This single DVD edition is split into two menu option, the first being the bands videos and the second a live performance shoot from Stuttgart Germany. Regarding the bands videos well the new viewer or casual fan should not expect to be amazed by their quality. On watching them you will find them to be very basic and not of the level of groups who had mass budgets to do this kind of thing over the course of their career. It’s a sad testament in most heavy bands lives I am afraid. The part one can be happy about if you followed them is that this seems to be all the videos that the group did.

As far as the concert portion goes I felt a little let down. Granted it’s a full show with 16 in your face metal tunes but the show was shot from what seems to be one or two cameras. There are not a lot of angles to the show just close-ups. Also the sound was very bad, and takes away from enjoying this overall. When I see a live video these days I feel that they need to work a little on the sound because so many other bands are pulling out the stops in this area. It sounds almost as if it was coming from only a handful of mics that were plugged into the board. None of the levels seem even and some sections there are ups and downs in volume.

My rating is based more on the quality of the piece than the band, as I give them credit for giving the fan base a double shot of their work. I am sure that the die hard fans of Pro-Pain are best served by this more than the casual listener. Yet there is always a chance that someone looking back on purveyors of the genre might enjoy seeing this.

Track Listing: Videos
1. Can You Feel It?
2. Down For The Cause
3. Substance
4. In For The Kill
5. Don’t Kill Yourself To Live
6. Time
7. State Of Mind
8. Make War Not Love
9. Pound For Pound

Track Listing: Concert
1. Pride
2. Make Some Noise
3. Fuck It
4. Draw Blood
5. Fed Up
6. Life’s Hard
7. Get Real
8. Stand Tall
9. Time Will Tell
10. In For The Kill
11. F.S.U.
12. Desensitize
13. Foul Taste Of Freedom
14. Shine
15. Make War Not Love
16. Political Suicide

Official Web site: http://www.pro-pain.com/

Kreator @ B.B. King Blues Club (4/3/2005)

Logo - Kreator

Artist: Kreator
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club – NYC
Opener: Vader
Date: 4-3-2005
Label: SPV Records

Kicking off the first night of their US Tour was Germany’s own Kreator and this would be a show to remember. The venue was a jam packed B.B. King Blues Club (or as I like to now refer to it as the place were every show seems to be happening these days). What was great to experience was the level of excitement for I felt out of all my most recent adventures out to the club that this show had a higher level than most. Kreator has not played in the States for awhile by my recollection and not only would this show mark off the US Tour but it was also in support of their latest release “Enemy Of God”. According to my label contacts this new CD had scanned in sales more than the last couple of records, so definitely these people were hungry for this band. I remember talking to one lovely head banger chick who told me that she first had driven almost two hours only to then take a train for the same amount of time just to be at this show. That was how deep her love of Kreator music was and I tend to admire this level of dedication. It is important to metal as a genre to still have this kind of effect on people especially when you are stuck with American Idol everywhere you turn. The band roster was Autumn Offering, Pro-Pain and Vader. Of the first up players I missed Autumn Offering entirely and only caught a couple of the Pro-Pain songs. They did sound nice and heavy and I do know they have been around for a while. An interesting site to observe that while the Kreator fans surely ruled in number there was also a large amount of support for Vader. These veteran kings of Death Metal from Poland did not seem to play any longer than 45 minutes but the audience definitely enjoyed themselves. Personally I am not a tremendous fan but I totally get into the vibe of the audience when it is affected in this manner. It makes it such a better time.
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