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Slayer @ Madison Square Garden

Slayer brings “The Final Campaign” to NYC and yes my friends this will be the very last time that the legendary band performs in our Metal Metropolis. They’ll be joined by Ministry, Primus and Philip H. Anselmo and The Illegals. If you miss this one, you’re about to get your Metal ID Card revoked.

Slayer Announces “The Final Campaign” – Last Leg Of Their Farewell Tour

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Though I’ve been documenting the news for some time now since it’s all been initially announced, it seems as though the end is drawing ever so closer for fans of the legendary Slayer. Just a short time ago the band revealed what is listed as “The Final Campaign” which will lead them to the end of their storied career and dominance in the Heavy Metal genre. Read on down below.

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The Press Release:
On Saturday, November 2, 2019, Slayer – Tom Araya/bass and vocals, Kerry King/guitars, Gary Holt/guitars, and Paul Bostaph/drums – will set off on The Final Campaign, the seventh and final leg of its farewell world tour. This last hurrah will start at the ExploreAsheville Arena in Asheville, NC, and see the band taking its goodbye bow at the Los Angeles Forum on Saturday, November 30. Accompanying Slayer for this last ride are Primus, Ministry and Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals performing a vulgar display of Pantera, who will support on all dates. Tickets go on sale this Friday, July 12 at 10AM local; limited VIP packages will be available. Log on to www.slayer.net for all ticketing and package details.

Slayer’s Final World Tour began on May 10, 2018 with the band’s intention to play as many places as possible, to make it easy for the fans to see one last Slayer show and say goodbye. By the time the 18-month trek wraps on November 30, the band will have completed seven tour legs plus a series of one-off major summer festivals, performing more than 140 shows in 30-countries and 40 U.S. states.

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Primus @ JBL Live at Pier 97

Primus brings their brand of musical mayhem live to the piers of NYC for this sure to be funtastic show.

“Fancy” by Les Claypool

Artist: Les Claypool
Title: “Fancy” – Summer 2006 – A Fan’s Perspective
Label: Prawn Song Records
Release Date: 5/29/2007
Genre: Progressive Avant-garde Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

There is no question about Les Claypool being one of the more prolific bass players and song writers that the world of modern Progressive Rock music has known in recent memory. His experiments with Prog-Metal brainchild Primus only gave us a clue as to the unlimited levels of creativity the musician actually possessed. When Primus was on hiatus he gave us Oysterhead (with Stewart Copeland and Trey Anastasio) and Frog Brigade; these projects would enable him to secure a die hard allegiance and following from the fans of the “Jam Band” genre. When it comes down to it the idea makes perfect sense since the performer often is unpredictable and during songs they extend the piece into longer more intriguing musical adventures. “Fancy” is an interesting release in that the film was not professionally shot with several cameras positioned strategically across the venue but instead shot by a choice few fans. Yes, I said fans and that makes it all the more interesting because they know the music by heart and follow it along as opposed to some crew following what they are told is important during the set. The footage was then blended together to give you the full show and the music placed where it belonged from soundboard and audience tapes. While it seems like a lot of work and unnecessary time at that the end result is rather interesting and fun to watch. Having never seen Les perform live I was able to follow along with it and remain interested without any difficulty or distraction. The tour came from the shows that were supporting his last solo album “Of Whales And Woe” and as you might expect the larger part of the material would come from this release. It’s interesting when an artist pushes a new release that hard because some can get away with it while others scream for older material. Given the fact that Claypool makes so many of his shows available he seems to be able to deliver a full concert of almost entirely new music to the fans without any visible problem. When the film pans to the crowd you see them going crazy so in my view this means that they did not mind the new stuff at all.
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“They Can’t All Be Zingers” by Primus

Artist: Primus
Title: “They Can’t All Be Zingers”
Label: Interscope Records
Release Date: 10/17/2006
Genre: Progressive Funk Rock
Rating: 4/5

I never claimed to be someone who “got” or even understood what Primus was all about, but despite this the level of technical prowess and musical drive was all too apparent to me even as a quasi-fan. This strange little combo of musicians formed by Les Claypool were a band that was given a chance by Interscope Records’ Tom Whalley and his creative vision allowed the band to create their style as they were pretty much let loose to do as they would on an unsuspecting music buying public. It was a group that was up against the likes of Guns ‘N Roses and all the Seattle stuff that was a brewing at the time and with releases like “Sailing The Seas Of Cheese” and “Pork Soda” you could tell that Claypool was doing it with tongue firmly in cheek. Lyrically, they were quite absurd but musically it was sheer brilliance as Claypool laid down riffs on the bass that the most seasoned of Progressive and Experimental players would only hope to do night after night. “They Cant All Be Zingers” is a perfect way to enjoy some of their best material if you were an existing fan and it is also a great manner to find yourself educated on this very unique brand of music if you are among the unaware. The CD features music from across all the bands releases and features the talented technical wizardry of Claypool, Larry LaLonde (guitar) and Tim Alexander (drums).
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