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Powerman 5000 @ Dingbatz

Powerman 5000 brings their “New Wave Tour” to Clifton, NJ. If you love what the band does then you don’t want to miss this show.

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Powerman 5000 Announces “New Wave Tour” 2018

Okay my friends now that you’ve gotten the stress out of your system with the recent Metallica tour announcement and all of its stops, we can get back to work on the everything else on the media platter. This news about the latest tour by Spider One and his merry mates of Powerman 5000 is sure to appease his fans. Check it out below.

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The Press Release:
Powerman 5000 Announces New Wave Tour 2018 With 2018 underway, Powerman 5000 is back with the second leg of the New Wave Tour. The tour kicks off in Lubbock, Texas, and makes its way through the Southern part of the US, including two iHeart Radio shows (98 Rockfest and Earthday Birthday) in Florida, and ends on the West Coast in Flagstaff, Arizona. Come see Powerman play hits from the New Wave album, as well as many all-time favorites. Tickets are on sale now. For the most up to date information, visit Powerman’s official Facebook.
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Wayne Static & Powerman 5000 Team Up For Fall 2014 Tour

Tour - Wayne Static - PM5K - 2014

In a never-ending effort to bring your bodies into the venues for the touring acts, I’m sharing the just announced dates for the November run by Wayne Static’s Static X. He will be co-headlining this run with Powerman 5000 and American Head Charge. If you love these bands you are going to want to be a part of the Industrial Metal action.

Tour Dates:
11/6 — Waterloo, Iowa — Spicoli’s Rock Garden/Reverb
11/7 — Madison, Wis. — High Noon Saloon
11/8 — Kimberly, Wis. — Savagefest @ Tanner’s Entertainment Complex
11/9 — Fort Wayne, Ind. — Piere’s
11/11 — Joliet, Ill. — Mojoe’s
11/12 — Cleveland, Ohio — Agora Theater
11/13 — Flint, Mich. — Machine Shop
11/14 — Syracuse, N.Y. — Lost Horizon
11/15 — Stafford, Ct. — Palace Theater
11/16 — New York, N.Y. — BB Kings
11/17 — Baltimore, Md. — Baltimore Soundstage
11/19 — Wilmington, N.C. — Ziggy’s
11/21 — Atlanta, Ga. — 120 Tavern
11/22 — Winston-Salem, N.C. — Ziggy’s
11/23 — Knoxville, Tenn. — The International
11/26 — San Antonio, Texas — Backstage Live
11/27 — Tyler, Texas — Clicks
11/28 — Houston, Texas — Scout Bar
11/29 — Dallas, Texas — Trees
11/30 — McAllen, Texas — Metropolis

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I must admit that I am not what can be considered a “diehard” follower of any of these bands but I do like a handful of tunes from each of them and have seen them all in action over the years of my music scribe adventures. As a matter of fact, American Head Charge was one of the earliest shows that I went to as a member of the music press. It’s going to be a room full of movement when this show hits the Times Square venue B.B. King’s which is the stop nearest me so I will be aiming at being there to support the fun. What do you readers think about this tour? You can let me know in the comments section below so we know where your own head is at. Thanks for reading.

Official Website: http://www.iamwaynestatic.com
Official Website: http://www.powerman5000.com
Official Website: http://www.headcharge.com

Win A Ticket To Powerman 5K @ B.B. King’s On 8/21/2014

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The Details: It’s been awhile since they have paid NYC a proper visit and now is the time for Spider One and his band Powerman 5000 to put their brand of Heavy Rock in the faces of their fans from the Big Apple. The bands loyalists can count on hearing their classics at this show along with new stuff from their 2011 covers album and brand new release “Builders Of The Future” for sure. To make it even more interesting, PM5K is doing this show with support from Hed PE who are an interesting project as well. Thanks to the fine folks at B.B. King Blues Club, PiercingMetal.com will be putting some fans into the show for free with this new contest. Read more below on how you can participate.

When and Where: Thursday, August 21st at B.B. King Blues Club (237 West 42nd Street NYC)
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“Destroy What You Enjoy” by Powerman 5000

Artist: Powerman 5000
Title: “Destroy What You Enjoy”
Label: DRT Entertainment
Release Date: 8/1/2006
Genre: Hard Rock/Punk Edge
Rating: 4/5

Every now and then an album comes out at the right moment in time. Timing can be everything and Powerman 5000’s “Destroy What You Enjoy” may have timing on it’s side. DWYE feels like a solid summer party album. It’s loaded with a good kind of mindless, catchy fun and when you listen to tracks like “Wild World”, you feel it would be right at home blasting at a BBQ or a keg party. The songs are solid throughout with a quality production level finding the guitar sounds of Johnny Heatley and Terry Corso heavy. Heavy, but not with a grating feel and instead using a clever yet minimal use of effects. DWYE is rawer and thrashy with less effected/electronic elements than the band was known to use in the past offerings. I would say while dispensing their Sci-Fi they are displaying a more punk-pop influence.
Spider’s vocals are strong with a great raspy quality that keeps him from sounding cheesy, like so many of the whiney sounding, pop-punk singers that seem to be rehashing lame uninspired, follow the guitar chord, melody lines. Spider’s vocals have a power and rawness that I enjoy quite a bit.
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