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This Just In: At The Drive-In Cancels Tour Dates

Logo - At The Drive-In

Hey there readers, I just wanted to point out that the band At The Drive-In has cancelled a number of the remaining dates on its US run based on illness of their singer Cedric Bixler. Check out the bands official statements below which were culled from their Facebook Page.

Tour - At The Drive-In - 2016

“Apologies to all our fans who have tickets but following our news earlier tonight, we regret to announce that all further shows on our North American tour, up to and including the Amnesia Festival appearance on June 25th are cancelled. Tickets can be refunded from point of purchase. We will be back to make up these shows in the future. Thank you for your continued support.”

This message was preceded by a notice about last nights area appearance in our NYC Metropolis and Terminal 5…

“Apologies to all our fans in NYC that were coming to our show. Cedric has a health concern with his vocal chords and can’t perform this evening. It is not possible to play without furthering his injury. Thank you for your support! ATDI has a goal to be a band for a very long time and we don’t want to impede that in any way. We will be back! Tickets can be refunded from point of purchase.”

Which was preceded by this 6/15 cancellation notice…

“Due to unforeseen circumstances At the Drive-In will have to cancel tonight’s show at the 9:30 Club. Cedric has been fighting off a cold and has now lost his voice making it impossible for us to play for you tonight. Please stand by for further details. Our sincere apologies. ‪#‎atdi2016‬”

Remaining Cancelled Dates:
June 17: Terminal 5 – New York, NY
June 20: Saint Andrew’s Hall – Detroit, MI
June 21: Saint Andrew’s Hall – Detroit, MI
June 23: Phoenix Concert Theatre – Toronto, ON, Canada
June 24: Phoenix Concert Theatre – Toronto, ON, Canada

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Hey I know the rigors of touring can be detrimental to any musician, especially the singer and while I know less than a % about this particular band I hope that their singer is back up to the tast ASAP so his fans can enjoy their music as they expected to. Hopefully there isn’t more to the story that we aren’t hearing. Let’s remember that Lemmy performed while very ill night after night and even Steven Wilson did shows with a full on bronchitis and just had other band members sing. Feel better Cedric.

Official Website: http://www.atthedriveinmusic.com

“Rest Inside The Flames” by 36 Crazyfists

Artist: 36 Crazyfists
Title: “Rest Inside The Flames”
Label: DRT Entertainment
Release Date: 11/7/2006
Genre: Post Hardcore
Rating: 3.5/5

Having moved on from Roadrunner Records the band 36 Crazyfists is a newly signed act to DRT Entertainment. This might have been a good move for the Post Hardcore meets Melodic Metalcore guys in 36 Crazyfists as they give us their third album “Rest Inside The Flames”. The release is a significant Metal punch to the teeth as they use the Hardcore vibe straight away, but in a slightly different move from some bands that blend in the Melodic aspect, 36CF are often using the both of them at the same time. I found this a great dynamic instead of the continual switching on and off of the styles. I felt that it worked so much that by the end of my listen I had wished that they had only used the clean vocal since it was so good. Songs like “On Any Given Night” are fantastic and serve to save the listener from the crop of Emo bands dished out and somehow popular. The drive and delivery of 36CF is bound to please those who are looking for some levels of anger in their music but also those who are seeking more melody than a lot of other bands are offering. There’s a lot of flavors on the album and they even offer some tribute to their homelands on the cut “Aurora”, a song which they said is about love and it’s magic that can be inspired by the magnificent Northern Lights. If that’s not off the beaten path from other heavy bands I don’t know what else is. There is also a lot of cool music on the release as well as far as time signatures and overall technical display.
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“Not My Year” by Suicide City

Artist: Suicide City
Title: “Not My Year”
Label: Unsigned
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Post Hardcore/Punk
Rating: Very Good

Suicide City is the energetic new group formed by Billy Graziadei (Biohazard) and Jennifer Arroyo (Kittie). The interesting thing you will find right off the bat is that instead of finding a new version of Biohazard or Kittie you find that the group takes a different approach and takes you into a more power punk/post hardcore type of vibe. Fans of the pair who might have wanted this to be the case risk being disappointed but if you are one of those fans that enjoy the constant change that music offers there is a chance that you will be pleasantly surprised. There is a level of the teenage angst screamo going on which might turn off some folks and I admit that is not my cup of tea either but one has to agree with an artists desire to work into a growing in popularity style. Of the five tracks I enjoyed “Give Me Your Pity” and “Diemonds” the most and found them catchier than the rest over the couple of listens I was able to give the recording. Having caught the band live I can add that they are a very energetic group onstage and do keep the audiences attention through their set.
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“Minuteman For The Moment” by Look What I Did

Artist: Look What I Did
Title: “Minuteman For The Moment”
Label: Combat Records/Koch
Release: October 4, 2005
Genre: Post-Hardcore
Rating: 4/10

Look What I Did is a post-hardcore band from Nashville, Tennessee. The band is Barry on vocals, Skeet on guitar, Colby on guitar, Chris on bass, and Miles on drums. This band is unique in the way that you don’t know quite what to classify them into. Are they hardcore? Are they screamo? It’s a toss up but it’s definitely an eccentric arrangement of music that they play. Honestly, it’s more like a pop punk record that tries to be metal.
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“The Mechanical Hand” by HORSE The Band

Artist: HORSE The Band
Title: “The Mechanical Hand”
Label: Combat Records/Koch
Release: 9/20/2005
Genre: Post Hardcore / Screamo
Rating: 3/10

Hailing from Los Angeles, HORSE The Band releases their album, The Mechanical Hand, on the classic label Combat Records. Koch Records relaunched the label late in 2005. This five piece consists of Nathan Winneke (vocals), David Isen (guitar), Erik Engstrom (keyboards), Eli Green (drums) and Dash Arkenstone (bass). This album was produced by Matt Boyles who produced albums from bands like the Murder City Devils, Mastodon and Norma Jean. HORSE The Band describes themselves as “Nintendocore” however with one listen of this album there is no way you can catagorize this into one genre, it’s pure chaos.
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