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PiercingMetal Visits The Judas Priest Pop-Up Shop @ Sony Square NYC

This past Friday, March 9th – The Legendary Judas Priest released their 18th album with “Firepower”. In honor of the Metal Magnus Opus, the fine folks at Sony Square NYC have set up a small gallery of photographs, memorabilia and stage attire. Since I had to be in the city for the Michael Schenker Fest performance at Irving Plaza, I paid a visit to the store to see the gallery and shoot some photos and video for those too far away to get here themselves. The photos video were shot with the Samsung point and shoot while the Facebook Live and Instagram stuff were done with my new Galaxy Note 8. Let’s take a look at the video first shall we?

Pretty cool right? Now let’s share the photos of the exhibit on their own to allow for better appreciation of the mighty band. That first thing we saw was an interactive screen and it would do what you did. I tried to make it give the METAL HORNS and you can see me trying to type notes down in the left hand corner.

judas priest, sony square nyc, judas priest pop-up shop
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Judas Priest “Pop-Up Shop” @ Sony Square NYC

The Judas Priest Pop-Up Shop has arrived at Sony Square NYC and will be the place to examine stage costumes and numerous photos and more. There is music on sale including the just released “Firepower” album. Interested fans can grab that and get a wristband to meet Judas Priest on March 19th. This is while supplies last of course so don’t delay if you can attend the signing.

judas priest, album covers, firepower

Visuals From The Metallica Pop-Up Shop In NYC

The mighty Metallica has embarked on their “Hardwired To Self Destruct” tour and it’s in our neck of the woods on Sunday at the Metlife Stadium as well as Nassau Coliseum on this coming Wednesday. To properly celebrate the occasion, they have set up a Pop-Up Shop on 96 Spring Street in NYC and this will only be open until Sunday 5/14 at 4pm. It opened on Friday but I couldn’t get to the place until Saturday when I was heading to a show at Webster Hall. It was a terrible rainy day in NYC and as I write this some hours after my visit, I think parts of me are still wet. Anyway here is a quick video captured by the Samsung point and shoot. The reception was terrible in the place and I couldn’t get a Facebook live done so this was the next option.

Now just in case you didn’t catch everything in the video clip, you can peruse the stuff that I observed by browsing through the photos below. I’ll let them do the talking for the most part. There was something for everyone here today from shirts, hoodies, beverage koozy, hats and posters along with music of course.

metallica pop-up shop nyc, metallica, metallica merchandise

metallica pop-up shop nyc, metallica, metallica merchandise
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