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2Cellos @ Le Poisson Rouge (7/28/2011)

I’ve said this before and I shall say it again.  There is always something exciting going on in NYC and there is really no shortage of talented people out there delivering some amazing music.  If you’re one of those folks who feels that there is nothing good going on, then I suggest that you keep these views to yourself and enjoy your monitoring of the world via Facebook instead of braving the real scene around you.  It is your own loss and not that of the investigate music fans of the world.  That being said, tonight’s adventure would find me getting a double dose of coolness as I was not only checking out a new group but also a new venue.  The Croatian cellist duo that calls themselves 2Cellos would be performing at an album release party.  It seems as though the boys had just been signed to Sony Masterworks and their debut release was coming out today or maybe it had just come out.  Either way, the line to the venue Le Poisson Rouge was around the corner and the show was only about thirty minutes away.  To read the full concert article and enjoy the photos just scroll on down past the logo. I also added a couple of side images for the readers to enjoy and they can be viewed further down in this blog posting.


Artist: 2Cellos
Venue: Le Poisson Rouge (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 7/28/2011
Label: Sony Masterworks

Tonight was going to be one of those nights where I would be walking into a venue with a completely blank slate in terms of my expectations and I have to admit that sometimes this is really awesome to find being the case. Let me explain a little further about what I mean because there were two parts to this mindset when it came to this particular night. The first and probably the most important aspect would be the performers and their name was 2Cellos. All I knew going in was that they were a YouTube sensation and that they did their thing on the cellos. Also that there was two of them. Since I have been a reasonably long follower of Apocalyptica (who are the Finnish Symphonic Metal band that also do their thing on the cello) I definitely found this premise interesting and was happy to be asked to cover what amounted to their debut CD release gig. The other exciting part was that I was seeing the group perform in a new space to my music journalist adventuring. I had wanted to see Agalloch perform here a few months ago but wasn’t able to secure a ticket and hence missed the whole thing. The space itself was a luxurious looking one and there were tables and seats everywhere. I guess they move this stuff around for the heavier acts but tonight this was an all seated show unless you found a small space to lean against off to the sides. Here’s how the night went down.
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