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Mattel’s “DC Superhero Girls” Available Now!


When I went to the local comic book shop to check out the new titles for the week, I took notice of the racks of action figures and saw that a few new characters in the “DC Superhero Girls” line was now available. Considering that I think this is a fantastic idea to get more girls into the comics and action figures as a whole, I felt sharing the images of the items was a good idea since we are rapidly approaching the gifting season. Thanksgiving is now around the corner and before you blink it will be Christmas and Chanukah and I want you ready to get some heroic goodness out to the ones you love.

dc superhero girls, dc comics action figures

I actually saw my first glimpse of this action figure line by Mattel when I visited the Play Fair portion of the American International Toy Fair earlier this year. My overview of that specific aspect can be examined on my PiercingKen.com site with THIS LINK so do please check it out. Now since these were on the racks I could only get this kind of photo but they are nice and clear and very legible. I don’t think that I need to name the characters since so many are instantly identifiable as well. Each figure is about 6″ tall and comes with an accessory of some sort. Here we go.

dc superhero girls, dc comics action figures
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