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PiercingMetal Goes To The NY Guitar Show (4/27/2013)

Tenured readers of the PiercingMetal Blog (especially those who have been most focused on the “Convention Adventures” topic) have been enjoying our occasional forays into the Brooklyn Guitar Show that takes place twice a year at The Brooklyn Bowl. As a matter of fact, it feels as though I had only just closed up a report about the Spring edition of this particular show that was held a few short weeks ago. Now it was time to pack up my gear and take a out to Freeport, NY to see what the “NY Guitar Show & Exposition” was all about. That’s in Long Island for those of our readers in other countries who have no idea what we are talking about.

Logo - NY Guitar Expo

The reason for supporting this particular show would primarily be based on the fact that my good friend and occasional contributor to the PiercingMetal site Joe Kaufman would have a table of his own with his new guitar line at this show. This would be his first showing of his instruments to the public in this fashion and since I was able to participate and help him out a little big, I eagerly joined in for the fun. Here’s the program for the festivities, and don’t worry I wandered around a lot to give you an idea of what you missed should you have had that happen.

The Program

Here’s my old friend Joe Kaufman in front of his table with a number of his guitars – only five are displayed here but he brought about ten I think. Yes they were for sale and while I have a lot of other photos from his booth you will have to check those out on the official website for his company.

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PiercingMetal Goes To The Brooklyn Autumn Guitar Show (9/18/2011)

I think I have mentioned a number of times in my writings how I am a former Metal drummer but that I have always had a love for the six-string, even though I never managed to learn how to play it. Despite this being the case in my day, when the chance to see what was happening at the Brooklyn Bowl for the Brooklyn Autumn Guitar Show arose, I headed down there with my good buddy and fellow Blogger Skeleton Pete and hopefully spark you readers into checking out the next event. This would also be my first time at the Brooklyn Bowl and this establishment is located down in Williamsburg Brooklyn off N11th Street on Wythe Avenue. You can click the logo below to be taken to their official site but please do read the whole blog posting before you do that okay. Thanks, now lets continue along.

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