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A PiercingMetal PSA: Get Out And Rock The Vote Today (11/6/2012)

I’m going to take a card out of one of the many other providers of web-based entertainment’s decks and step out of the music media realm for a second and stress that if you are of eighteen years or older and a citizen of these United States that you get yourself over to a voting center and cast your ballot. Whether you always think so or no, we live in an amazing country that while sometimes dealing with some downward times, always offers you the chance to speak your mind and cast your opinion at election time. The great Frank Zappa was ALWAYS involved in getting his fans and worldwide listeners to speak their voice and he even had tables outside at his merchandise area where you could register your name to be allowed to vote if you had not done so already. It was great to find someone like Zappa doing that and now for many years later we have seen bands taking a stand and encouraging their fans to do the same. That’s where the whole “Rock The Vote” idealogy came from. Perhaps we can institute a “Metal The Vote”. Of course I think it needs a better tagline.
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