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“Pre-PiercingMetal Beginnings” or “The Origins Of What I Do”

PiercingMetal.com hit the two year mark only a couple of weeks ago and now that its broken the “sophomore curse” this little narrative was penned about how it came to pass in the first place.

I grew up on Spider-Man and Batman comics so a detailed origin story always appealed to me. I mention it like this since one of the questions that I often find myself getting is how I even started up with the reviewing music and concert coverage stuffs. So for those that are interested here is the “official origin story” of this little adventure. It began in the Summer of 2003 when the band Nightwish was making an appearance at the once legendary and now closed L’Amour club. I had been a Metal fan for most of my life since I once was a performer in several local bands of note from my area. The weird thing was finding myself attending a lot more shows around this time since so many fresh and exciting sounds were becoming more available from Europe and some were beginning to travel to our regions. I felt that if they could make the thousands of miles trek then I could certainly hop a car service from one neighborhood to the next.
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