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PiercingMetal Is Ten Years Old Today (2005-2015)

Hey there Metal Legions, I can hardly believe that I am writing this down because it surely doesn’t feel like it to me but PiercingMetal.com is now ten years old and was officially launched to the public on this very day back in 2005. My, how time has flown. On this anniversary I’ll reflect upon the beginnings with some “10” related visuals with some thoughts on the process from then until now and I hope you enjoy it. Here we go.

piercingmetal 10 years

The Beginning: In the time before I jumped into the media fray with my own site identity I had gotten my introduction to the craft thanks to the overall awesomeness of The Metal Circus, Maximum Metal and Sea Of Tranquility websites. As I did my writings for these mediums I kept notes on how I liked doing this and after a couple of years at the task felt that I had a solid enough idea on how it could be done with my own brand. My good friend Joe was one of the main folks pushing me to do start my own thing and the topic of conversation was easily agreed upon after several rounds at the original Smith’s Bar before a show that we were hitting at B.B. King Blues Club in NYC. I brought this theory up with a couple of trusted publicity contacts and the seal of approval was given and PiercingMetal was born. I quickly secured the domain name days later and started looking for someone to build the website for me. In 2005, or the bygone days of Technology, a website required a lot more manual devotion than it does nowadays. I’d find this help with Hoffman Digital Designs founder Joy Hoffman who crafted a sleek and functional design for me. From there it was a lot of testing and loading of my past writings into the database so the visitor had something to see from the moment that we announced it was here to examine. I had high hopes that any Metal audience would find this to their interest. Back then the site was pretty much only reviews and I mean CD’s, DVD’s and Concerts. There was no Book or Event reviews and stuff like the assorted demos that I had stockpiled were relegated to the “Other” section in the menu. It was succinct and to the point and worked out rather well right from the start for me. I also had a Calendar that served as my own event planning angle but that became something much larger for the Metal Legions almost immediately. The ride had started to move.
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