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The Perfects @ Piano’s NYC (7/9/2011)


Artist: The Perfects
Venue: Piano’s NYC (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 7/9/2011
Label: Interscope Records

Every once in awhile I like to adventure into worlds of music that are not entirely along the lines of my usual coverage because I find this keeps my musical mind strong, energized and in touch with the rich scene that exists around us. This particular adventure came about as a request of a friend in publicity whose clients were playing the intimate space called Piano’s NYC. I had been here once before earlier in the summer to catch a side project band of Brian Viglione’s and thought this to be a nice space to get a close up look at some up and coming groups. The band is called The Perfects and while they have a Rock core to their sound it is primarily ensconced in the New Wave & Electronic acts of the eighties and nineties. The group hails from Baltimore, Maryland and is fronted by singer Ric Peters and they were in NYC to celebrate their newest release “Many Nights”. Rounded out by Scott Griffiths who handles guitars and some synths along with drummer Paul von Kop, the trio delivers a much bigger sound than one might expect at first. The use of some programmed bass and additional keyboards give the band a lot more oomph on stage and while I am not sure if the eventual plan is to extend the lineup, the trio sure did make this all come to vivid life for the attending fans.
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Face Of The Sun @ Pianos (5/15/2011)

Face Of The Sun is a relatively new band in New York City’s underground music scene and they might be interesting to those fans of drummer Brian Viglione (who many might know from The Dresden Dolls).  I was directed to them by one of the many rising stars that I am fortunate enough to meet as a journalist and at her directive I made sure to be in place for the bands performance at Piano’s on the Lower East Side.  This is an intimate club when it comes down to it, and smack dab in the middle of a very active music and restaurant scene.  While I was down there I made sure to visit the relatively new Idle Hands bar and also down some tasty Mexican grub at San Loco.  Once the physical appetite and thirst were sated it was time to get the musical jones attended to by walking into Piano’s.  To read the full on concert report just scroll past the bands logo below; Then I urge you to keep on scrolling down the blog post to see some side images and even some video that are easily enjoyed here.  We hope that you like this.

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