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New “Ready Player One” Character Posters Reveal Avatars

I guess it was only a couple of weeks ago that I showcased some posters from the upcoming film “Ready Player One”. Those were “Homage Posters” and quite a bit of fun so if you missed those please click HERE so you can see them. These new posters for the film reveal the various Avatars that the cast becomes when in the RPO realm so check them out below right after the Official Theatrical poster. Enjoy.

ready player one, movie posters

The Premise: In the year 2045, much of Earth’s population centers have become slum-like cities due to overpopulation, pollution, corruption, and climate change. To escape their desolation, people engage in the virtual reality world of the OASIS (Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation), where they can engage in numerous activities for work, education, and entertainment.
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