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Win A Ticket To UFO/Saxon @ B.B. King Blues Club on 3/29/2017

The Details: If you’re a Heavy Metal and Hard Rock fan who has studied the teachings of the masters then you know full well about the greatness of the legendary UFO and the equally dominating Saxon. Each of these bands has brought forth so many amazing tunes and to say that there are numbers that are among the most important tunes for the genre would be an understatement. Just imagine the kind of night that these two might deliver for their fans on the live stage. Having been a fan of each act for so many years I am excited to add this new contest to our offerings thanks to the powers that be at the vaunted Times Square venue. Yes my fiends, some of the PiercingMetal readership are going to see the UFO and Saxon show for free on the Wednesday night appearance. Read more down below.

When and Where: Wednesday, March 29th at B.B. King Blues Club (237 West 42nd Street, NYC)

To Participate: I’ve already extoled over the mutual greatness of UFO and Saxon and since this is a super important show I am NOT going to make it easy on you at all. Tenured readers know that I generally ask for three things about the main act that make you clamor for this show win and guess what, I will stick to the premise for this giveaway. However, in this case there are two main acts and that means three items for each of them. Yep. Three for UFO and three for Saxon. You can cite your favorite albums and why, discuss past concert experiences and what made them special or even let us know how they affected your musical psyche. Just know that there have to be three for each band. Not one, not two but three. Incompletes are an immediate NEXT in the Big Metal Book of Passes and let’s face it, these guys deserve the input. As always you should make these interesting reading since typing in “because they rock dude” is just too un-original and boring. I’ll be responding to the comments that I like most right below their answer. This is for a single ticket only and no plus one requests can be honored. Sorry.
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UFO & Saxon Announce Spring US Tour – The British Invasion 2017!

I’m slowly coming back to Earth after the four-day massive event spectacle that was the NY Comic Con and while I do that it’s great to find some new concert tours being announced. Check this one out from the teams working the great British bands UFO and Saxon who will be heading our way in Spring 2017.


The Press Release:
Rock legends UFO have announced a US tour with very special guests SAXON, beginning March 9 in Houston, TX and continuing into early April.

UFO, with their long standing line up of Phil Mogg (Vocals), Paul Raymond (Keyboards / Guitar), Andy Parker (Drums), Vinnie Moore (Guitar) and Rob De Luca (Bass), are back in the US after a phenomenally successful sold out tour in early 2016. They are currently working on their 22nd studio album after the last studio release A Conspiracy of Stars in 2015.

SAXON are touring on their latest release Battering Ram together with the new double live album set Let Me Feel Your Power (out October 28 in North America), both on the UDR Music label. After great success with both US headline shows and dates with Judas Priest over last few years, the band are back as part of this great package. SAXON are Biff Byford (Vocals), Paul Quinn (Guitar), Nigel Glockler (Drums), Doug Scarrett (Guitar) and Tim “Nibbs” Carter (Bass).
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Win To See UFO In NYC On 10/15/2013

Click Poster To Purchase Tickets
Click Poster To Purchase Tickets

The Details: You don’t need to have Eddie Trunk tell you that the great UFO are a legendary band and one that needs to be a part of your Hard Rock listening experience based on their continued activity in recording and rocking shows. They have countless tunes that have inspired greatness and they continue to do so today and that makes me excited about offering up this quick contest to see them perform for the very first time at the brand new Stage 48 club in NYC. Thanks to their marketing staff, two lucky PiercingMetal readers will get the chance to go to this show for free. Keep reading for details.
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“The Best Of A Decade” by UFO

Artist: UFO
Title: “The Best Of A Decade”
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 9/28/2010
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3/5

It doesn’t seem like too long ago that we got a comprehensive collection of UFO classics but that would come care of a different label, and since those vintage years the band has continued on under the SPV Records brand and been keeping the releases coming at full strength. The band is still fronted by the legendary Phil Mogg who is accompanied by Paul Raymond on rhythm guitar and keyboards while Andy Parker is once again on the drums. For a few years the skin basher had been replaced by Jason Bonham who did a stand up job and the role of bassist is a rotating thing based on original member Pete Way’s inability to tour. I’ve seen shows where Rob DeLuca of Spread Eagle was handling these duties and also at times Barry Sparks. Since 2004 the band has entrusted the guitar detail to a true virtuoso in Vinnie Moore and that is a welcome thing considering just how much praise is heaped upon the name of their most influential member in that role – Michael Schenker. Vinnie has recorded three studio albums with the band so far and from earliest to most recent those are “You Are Here”, “The Monkey Puzzle” and “The Visitor”. He is also found on their DVD/CD live release “Showtime” and hence is the guitarist found on all of the numbers in this compilation and believe me he does a superb job at the task. These later studio albums and the live effort showcased a band that still had a lot to say musically and they are saying it well. I guess under those circumstances it is acceptable to find a best of being released in celebration of the past decade in the bands history.
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“The Best Of UFO (1974-1983)” by UFO

Artist: UFO
Title: “The Best Of UFO (1974-1983)”
Label: EMI Music
Release Date: 4/15/2008
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

The name of the band UFO probably comes up as inspiring more bands than you could easily count if you were a study of the groups that were a part of the NWOBHM movement. It’s easy to see why this would be the case once you sink your teeth into this tasty compilation of some of their finest numbers. Formed in 1969, there is a strong melodic Hard Rock base to their sound that is often cited as one of the forerunners to some of the roots which became Heavy Metal music and to this very day their biggest hits hold the same power that they did so long ago. The band was formed by Phil Mogg and Peter Way and together they eventually brought Scorpions’ guitarist Michael Schenker into greater prominence before he went on to form the Michael Schenker Group. As a compilation this collection works out very well for what it sets out to do and in my opinion that is to once again call your attention to the group. You see, while famous in some circles and inspiring bands that are now legends in their own right, the guys in UFO seem to be more of a band with a cult level status and following. If this wasn’t the case they would be headlining major arenas around the world consistently as opposed to certain regions smaller clubs and venues. You can’t go wrong as a Metal and Hard Rock fan with any of the number of tracks here and my own favorites are the bands branded classics “Lights Out”, “Only You Can Rock Me” and “Doctor Doctor”. I was also rather fond of “Let It Rain” from “Mechanix” and was happy to see that one considered good enough to be on the compilation.
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