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Soilwork @ Gramercy Theatre (7/16/2010)

Logo - Soilwork

Artist: Soilwork
Venue: Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: Death Angel, Augury, Mutiny Within, Swashbuckle
Date: 7/16/2010
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

It’s been a little over a year since we last saw Soilwork headlining the stages of the venues in NYC and for some that was a good thing because there was a time when the band was performing too often and forced to play a lot of the same material. Believe me, no one wants to get bored when they see the name Soilwork on the marquee so the fifteen month breather was going to make this something many of the Metal Republics fans were looking forward to. The show was going to be exciting for a number of different reasons and the first was that it was an 80% Nuclear Blast Records artist roster and found Death Angel as direct support while both Augury and Swashbuckle performed earlier sets. It was rounded out by Roadrunner Records newcomers Mutiny Within. With so much Metal to absorb I arrived super early on this hot summer night to be able to witness the onslaught in full. Here is how the “Panic Over North America” went for those who did not manage to secure a ticket.
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Soilwork @ Highline Ballroom (2/15/2009)

Logo - Soilwork
Artist: Soilwork
Venue: Highline Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: Swallow The Sun, Warbringer, Darkane
Date: 2/15/2009
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

There was a time not too long ago where I felt as if I was catching the band Soilwork more often than I would like to and that was causing their sound to be something that I was not always excited about even though I always managed to enjoy the shows. This happens when you see bands again and again and let’s face it they did tour relentlessly for their “Stabbing The Drama” CD and even after a short break to record “Sworn To A Great Divide” they would be right back at it as champions of their own new music. Having passed on a few appearances I was happy to be present as the band headlined the very comfortable space of the Highline Ballroom. This is a great room and to help Soilwork level the place would be Swallow The Sun, Warbringer and Darkane. We got in place nice and early to be sure we wouldn’t miss any of these great bands. Swallow The Sun would be up first.
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“Stabbing The Drama” by Soilwork

Artist: Soilwork
Title: “Stabbing The Drama”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 3/8/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 8/10

It seems as though Sweden’s own Soilwork have achieved something special with the release of “Stabbing The Drama”. As the CD begins you are instantly kicked into a unique mix of metal and some heavy duty almost industrial riffs. The vocals are a combined clean and rough mix and this carries across the entire CD. As a whole this works very well and the end result is pretty much a kick you in the teeth metal CD that grows from similar bands like In Flames who pretty much kicked off the Gothenburg sound. The first tune which is also the title of the CD is unstoppable and it seems that I like it more and more on every listen. A true head banger in all senses of the word. Singer Speed mixes his styles and drummer Dirk Verbueren laying down among the smoothest drumming in metal that I have heard in some time. The guitar work of Peter Wichers also plays well along in the rhythm on this CD. I felt as though a strong emphasis was based on the bottom end of music first as there is so much groove on it that you either are raising a fist into the air, or jumping to the pit to bring it on. I was among the lucky ones to listen to this CD and interact with the label and a member of the group. The logic behind this record was to give fans a progression in their already existing work and generally just a heavy record. I feel they succeeded on all counts.
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Listening To Soilwork’s “Stabbing The Drama” In NYC (2/11/2005)

Artist: Soilwork
Event: “Stabbing The Drama” CD Listening Party
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Date: 2-11-2005
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Swedish metal veterans Soilwork held a listening party for their forthcoming release on Nuclear Blast records. The CD, entitled “Stabbing The Drama” was blasted on the speakers of the CBGB’s Lounge this evening and a good metal time was had by all in attendance. From the band, we had guitarist Peter Wichers and several representatives from the Nuclear Blast record label. In addition to the listening and enjoyment of the CD as well as any beers, there was the chance to discuss the bands plans for this release and give them a chance to mingle with many of their media connections. Peter was an interesting and fun dude to kick back with. He has a great sense of humor and is very excited about the coming tour.
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