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One Year Later: Type O Negative’s Peter Steele Remembered

It’s been a year since the sad news about Peter Steele’s passing hit the Metal Republic and I have to say that it seemed to be the kick off to a number of other bad turns of events.  While none of the musical deaths that preceded Peter’s were any less important, his own passing set off a shock wave in the underground Metal scene where Type O Negative were kings and really left a lot of fans shocked and dismayed.  The band was obviously over and done with now that the principal song writer was dead and while members Hickey and Kelly would continue on with their side project Seventh Void, the chapter on Type O Negative was one that had apparently closed in the book of Metal music history.   Research had found that no unreleased music was left lying around, but perhaps some historically relevant video would surface for the fans to enjoy.

peter steele, type o negative, peter steele memorial
The Man Of Steele: Click Photo For Original Memorial Thoughts

A little over a month after Peter had passed away the world would lose the mighty Ronnie James Dio but thoughts about his passing are better discussed in the narrative that is dedicated to his illustrious career.   When Peter was gone and the word was confirmed as truth instead of another cruel jest; a memorial posting was made in the Official PiercingMetal.com blog.  With the First Anniversary of his passing being today I wanted to revisit those thoughts which can be read by clicking the photo above.  Comments about The Man are continually welcome by those who enjoyed his music as much as we did but we ask that you please leave them on the original memorial posting as opposed to here for greater impact.  We miss ya Peter and hope you are rocking with the likes of Hendrix, Bonham and many, many more.

peter steele, type o negative, peter steele memorial
Peter Steele’s Bass at Hard Rock Cafe Times Square

Peter’s Alembic bass guitar is now a part of Hard Rock Cafe historic pieces and at the time of this first anniversary could be viewed in one of the establishments windows.   When I learned that it was at this location I made sure to snap a couple of photos for proper use in these thoughts.

peter steele, type o negative, peter steele memorial
Peter Steele’s Hard Rock Cafe Placard

The words they showcased seemed to hit the nail on the head for me, so I was happy with how they were presented.  Don’t mind any spots on the image as there was a torrential rainstorm happening around me when I did this.

peter steele, type o negative, peter steele memorial
Peter Steele’s Thundering Bass Guitar Of Gloom

Kudos to the Hard Rock Cafe brand for realizing that Peter Steele and Type O Negative are worthy of inclusion among your legendary ranks of artifacts.  While the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will likely remain forever clueless and leave a band like this one out of its “honors”, its great to see that some others actually understand and appreciate such a vital musician.   I thank you as a decades deep fan of Steele’s music.

Note: Please know that the means to comment on this post have been turned off and we ask that any reflection thoughts or toasts about Peter Steele that you wish to share be left on our first Memorial posting that can be found HERE. Thank you.

R.I.P.: Type O Negative’s Peter Steele Has Died (4/14/2010)

It is with incredible sadness that I try to wrap my head around the loss of Type O Negative’s Peter Steele who passed away last night  4/14/2010 at around 6pm.   The news broke rather quickly thanks to the likes of Twitter, Facebook & MySpace, but in the early stages of the information there was a strong belief that the rumors of his death were highly exaggerated.   This mindset was initially in place based on the fact that the singer had been reported dead back in 2005 but after a few days the world realized that they had been punked.  Sadly there would be no sigh of relief this time around and when very reliable sources in his camp confirmed it all to be true we would learn the brutal fact that in the end it was heart failure that took this giant of the Metal scene away from us.  He was 48 years old.

Lord Petrus Steele

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“October Rust” by Type O Negative

Artist: Type-O-Negative
Title: “October Rust”
Label: Roadrunner Records
Release Date: 8/20/1996
Genre: Gothic Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

The hurricane level of popularity found with “Bloody Kisses” had slowed down enough for Brooklyn’s own Type O Negative to record its eagerly anticipated follow up October Rust. For those who had been following the band since the beginning, you could not argue that they had morphed into something a little more interesting after “SD&H” with “Bloody Kisses” and now they were going to set us on our ear again with “October Rust”. The album brought us a solid recording but it was to date the most musical and definitely the most “atmospheric” of their catalog. Before delving into the tunes that made up this masterpiece we have to address the funny introduction the listener gets. The album begins with “Bad Ground” which is not a song at all but instead a soundscape from Josh that sounds like a misconnected speaker wire. If you’re not paying attention there is actually a chance that you will check your speakers to see what’s the problem. It’s followed by the band who introduce us to the upcoming music and then its onto the music. The themes of this recording were not as heavy and dismal as that which we found on “Bloody Kisses” but instead were more related to that of Dark Romance and mythological adventuring. It also brings new drummer Johnny Kelly to the fold replacing Sal Abruscato who joined Life Of Agony after the last TON record. Kelly’s playing fits right in with the music Steele, Silver & Hickey are doing and none of the progression in music being offered up on the album is lost with his becoming a part of the roster. In fact I think he is a compliment to the band. “Love You To Death” will call to mind a mixture of Cocteau Twins meets The Beatles influences done up with some gloomy Gothic feel and yet it works very well despite all of the odd different mixes. Its as early as this tune that we find the band is going to give us a very different listening experience. This particular tune sounds great in the live sense and initially made me feel that “Black #1” had a sequel.
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Type O Negative: Live Photos @ Nokia Theatre Times Square (10/22/2009)

Logo - Type O Negative

The mighty Type O Negative were once again headlining a show on their home turf of New York City. This sold out show by the Lords Of Flatbush at the Nokia Theatre Times Square was discussed in full on THIS LINK. Now please enjoy the images that were captured from the photo pit during the permitted time.

type o negative, type o negative concert photos
Type O Negative by Ken Pierce (2009)

type o negative, type o negative concert photos
Type O Negative by Ken Pierce (2009)

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Type O Negative @ Nokia Theatre Times Square (10/22/2009)

If you live in New York City and Halloween is coming, you know that there is nothing like a visit from Brooklyn’s own Type-O-Negative to get you into the proper mood. It’s been some time since we have seen these Lords Of Flatbush doing a show in the Big Apple so when they announced this visit we made sure to be around. The exciting bill would also feature both Destrophy and Seventh Void and fall right in the middle of CMJ week. That meant there was a lot of music to enjoy at almost every turn. You can learn about this gig and see all of the photos below the logo.

Logo - Type O Negative

Artist: Type-O-Negative
Venue: Nokia Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: Destrophy, Seventh Void, Dead Men Dreaming
Date: 10/22/2009
Label: SPV Records

Given the fact that it was CMJ week in NYC the whole Big Apple was buzzing with musical activity and earlier this evening I had found myself at one of its functions where the entertainment came care of the Texas Hippie Coalition. That was a fun time and is documented in full elsewhere on the site, but the timing of their sets completion compiled with the need to get uptown and a hundred feet down into the bowels of Times Square for the performance being held deep inside the recesses of the Nokia Theatre found me missing the first band and most of the second. Oh well, that does happen from time to time and as long as I was on point and in time for Destrophy and the mighty Type-O-Negative all was good in my evening. Here is how the larger part of the show took place to get you up to speed in case you missed it.

seventh void, seventh void concert photos
Seventh Void by Ken Pierce (2009)

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