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“Griefshire” by Elis

Artist: Elis
Title: “Griefshire”
Label: Napalm Records
Release Date: 1/16/2007
Genre: Gothic Metal
Rating: 4/5

Despite the resounding majesty and power on this CD one cannot help but feel an uncomfortable level of sadness while listening to “Griefshire”; the newest release by the Liechtenstein based band Elis. These feelings come from the tragic news about the bands lead singer Sabine Dunser, who was taken from the music world by a cerebral hemorrhage just shortly after completing her vocal tracks for this album. Instead of halting the recordings process the remaining members decided to complete and release it for it was a body of work that Sabine felt very close to and often referred to as “her baby”. It is now presented posthumously in both her memory and her honor and it’s a decision that I feel the larger Metal world will be very grateful for. The album on the whole is a tasty piece of music with many hooks and wonderful melodies. There is so much potential for greatness on this album and it is a shame that Sabine will not be able to take part in any of it except in sad reverence. The listener will agree especially when they hear the single worthy track of “Show Me The Way”. This is a song that mixes levels of Pop sensibility along with a Melodic Gothic edge and is one of the staple tracks in my opinion. With “Innocent Hearts” the group surely has another winner that one can envision being the highlight of any live performance based on the driving riff and powerful chorus.
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