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“Z-Rock: Season 2” by ZO2

Artist: ZO2
Title: “Z-Rock: Season 2”
Label: Anchor Bay
Release Date: 6/8/2010
Genre: Comedy/Rock Reality
Rating: 3/5

Picking up from what appeared to be only a few months later than when our first season of “Z-Rock” ended, we find the fabulous Z Brothers getting back together and trying their hand at Rock and Roll stardom for the second time. A lot had transpired during the first season as well and while the band came close to a deal it never ended up panning out. Such is the life of a Rock and Roll band and all you can do is pick up the pieces along with your instruments and press on as best as possible. With Season Two we find the premise remaining largely the same as their manager Dina (played by Lynn Koplitz) and Neil (played by Jay Oakerson). There is a little of everything that one expects in a show like this and it felt like they were going for the laughs a little more this time around and moving farther away from the “reality” aspect. I felt this way after a couple of the more ridiculous situations that the band found themselves in such as the wrestling episode and the political rally episode. Yes these things could actually happen but there was much more on the slapstick side but I guess that is alright since I had already mentioned that I viewed this as a more mature, modern day type of “The Monkees”. Across the season the band encounters Steel Panther, Chris Jericho and Mini-KISS while Dave Navarro, John Popper, Dee Snider, and Joan Rivers make returns and continue to play their real life selves. I think that I would have preferred the real KISS considering ZO2 opened for them in real life.
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“Ain’t It Beautiful” by ZO2

Artist: ZO2
Title: “Ain’t It Beautiful”
Label: Splivey Cool Entertainment (Independent Release)
Release Date:
>Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

I’m glad when this happens because every so often you come across a band that reminds you about the simple pleasures of Rock & Roll and all of the magic that it possesses as a form of music. This is the case with New York’s own ZO2; a three-piece hard rocking group that bring you back to a sound that is generally lost by bands that are concerned more about genre labels than the task at hand. The bands sophomore effort is entitled “Ain’t It Beautiful” and it’s an independent release just like their debut but don’t let the term “indie” sway you in any fashion. ZO2 is a group that comes from some truly inspirational musical foundations. Bassist Dave Z. is also a member of that holiday juggernaut we call The Trans-Siberian Orchestra, while brother Paulie and drummer Joe Cassata each have ample background from their numerous working bands. At times it seemed like these bands were busier than some of the established industry “professionals”. The group also had the chance to open up for KISS for the entire run of dates on their “Rock The Nation” tour. They would perform on this tour with Poison as well, and this is clearly a milestone for these guys. The CD follows “Tuesdays & Thursdays” with a similar theme of Melodic Hard Rock that will appeal to all fans who loved what KISS and Aerosmith did in their early years. Their sound is by no means retro but instead is a skillful blend of the old meeting the new and showing the listener how fresh it can sound when you focus on the basic formulas. The guys each sing which adds three-part harmony vocals and make for some easily memorable choruses. Paulie Z. has the kind of voice that many Rock singers can only aspire to for he is bluesy at times, passionate at others, and when it is called for – he can scream like a banshee. This is the kind of diversity that you want in a front man and he surely delivers on all fronts as he gets you on your feet with numbers like “Get Up Now” and “If You See Kay”. While these are two of the bands most inspired rockers on the CD, I loved “Comin’ Home” and “Isolate” the best as each of them just took me away to a live show with the vibe that they brought on. The guys also took the time to show respect and homage to the Rock founders with “Get The Led Out”, a number that uses some sweet Zeppelin feels and style in a mix with their own unique sound.
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“Tuesdays and Thursdays” by ZO2

Artist: Z02
Title: “Tuesdays And Thursdays”
Label: Splivey Cool Ent.
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Melodic Rock
Rating: 8/10

Z02 is the brainchild of the Brothers Z, Paulie and David along with drummer Joey Cassata. The members of this group are not strangers to the performing world by a long shot. David is the touring bassist for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra while Paulie and Joe are members of the popular KISSNATION (a NYC Based KISS Tribute band). The CD “Tuesdays And Thursdays” is quite the tasty piece of Rock and Roll. It also sports an amazing production for a group of guys who are releasing this independently without major label backing. One does not always see the level of quality that they have made sure to place on this piece. It even sports a fully colored and lyric filled booklet that is covered with artwork. Really nice looking and well-thought out.
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