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“Revolver” by The Haunted

Artist: Haunted
Title: “Revolver”
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 10/19/2004
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

Sweden’s The Haunted find their Century Media debut as a total mix of Metal genres with an excellent result. There is a little bit of your classic Thrash mixing with some Speed and traces of Gothenburg thrown in for good measure. The musicianship is tight and delivers on the record very well with heavy tunes and a driving power that not all bands can keep by their fourth album. The main reason for the Haunted being so accustomed to this level of perfection is due to the fact that the group features the talents of the Bjorler Brothers who come from a little band known as At The Gates. Their involvement gives them a better insight to the Metal scene than a lot of bands could ever hope for and with rEvolver the push the bar up another notch. The vocals of Dolving are fantastic across the whole piece since not only does he scream like a man with his last breath, but he also has a melodic side that you see mixed in for “Burnt To A Shell”. However, if you simply prefer a total full force throttling then you might better enjoy songs like “No Compromise” and “Who Will Decide”. Much of the journey that The Haunted will take you on will make you find the need to stomp and form a pit in support of their music. Joining the Bjorler Brothers and Mr. Dolving is Per Jensen (drums), and Patrik Jensen (guitars).
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