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“Tools Of Destruction” by Thunderstone

Artist: Thunderstone
Title: “Tools Of Destruction”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 4/18/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 7.5/10

Thunderstone not only has a fantastic name but also a very solid stand on the Heavy Metal genre. Their sophomore release of “Tools Of Destruction” on Nuclear Blast Records really has some key moments to it. Hailing from Finland a Country that seems to be responsible for most of the worlds Power Metal these days; the group takes a slightly different direction with their music. They did not follow the gruff vocals and intensity of Children Of Bodom or the Operatic Adventures of Nightwish and instead deliver a “Traditionally” styled opus that is full of clean vocals on top of truly solid guitars and drums. There is a fair amount of technical precision displayed in such tunes as “The Last Song” which has a nice keyboard riffs over an impressive double-bass drum run and it just draws you into it. When the song “Without Wings” plays you almost feel like you are listening to Sonata Arctica since it could pass for one of this bands tracks. I felt this record was almost like a safe introduction to the world of Power Metal music and I mean this in the most positive way because this was very user Friendly stuff. Great hooks with a nice vocal mix and easy to remember tunes overall. I think this must have been hard on the band to decide which avenue to follow because their fellow Countrymen have achieved amazing success by testing the limits of the Metal genre and instead Thunderstone decide to stick with a more conventional delivery.
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