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Ghost Says “Hello Papa Emeritus III”

It’s been a couple of months since we all first learned of the replacement of Papa Emeritus II by his younger brother Papa Emeritus III in a clip that we shared HERE. Now let’s get a good look at him.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: PEIII sure looks ominous and ready for the task at hand don’t you think? I hope that you nodded “yes” to the inquiry because we shall have no dissidence in the rank and file among our readership. I’m going to guess that I didn’t miss a second chapter of “The Summoning” clips, if they are even making this a series of shorts, because this one was just an overview of Papa III’s attire and grim visage. Let’s keep watching right? What do you readers think of this new face and his potential in leading The Nameless Ghouls to dominance? Chime in down below and remember to order the new and older works in the event that you don’t have them.

Official Website: http://www.ghost-official.com

Ghost Introduces “Cirice” To Their Loyal Flock

Logo - Ghost

This new clip from the band Ghost was actually posted a few days ago over on Vevo so I apologize for any delay in my presenting it to you readers who might be loyal members of their flock. It’s for the recently unveiled track “Cirice” which will be found on their upcoming third album “Meliora” and this is now the perfect compliment addition to my quick discussion of the bands North American touring announcement which I spoke of HERE in case you missed it. Check it out and then I will toss some thoughts into the mix.

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Ghost Announces “Black To The Future: North American Tour” for Fall 2015

It’s been a little over a year since those Nameless Ghouls and their insidious leader Papa Emeritus II had last paid a visit to our neck of the woods and for those among the converted who have hoped for their return, the very recent news about their upcoming tour was bound to cause levels of catatonic jubilation. Check out the poster below.

Tour - Ghost - Fall 2015

A Nameless Ghoul states…..

“”BLACK TO THE FUTURE – NORTH AMERICA 2015 – Children of North America. We are absolutely stoked to tell you all that we are going to spend September and October this fall touring your beautiful lands. This time together with British Purson as support. Who’s coming?”

Alright so perhaps this is not the biggest bit of information from the band but sometimes brief and to the point speaks volumes so let’s leave it at that and check out the tour dates listed below. It will be awesome to find the band play at Terminal 5 on this go round since it will be the first time that they are doing that.
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“Cirice” (Single) by Ghost

Artist: Ghost
Title: “Cirice” (Single)
Label: Loma Vista Recordings
Release Date: 5/31/2015
Genre: Doom Rock
Rating: 4/5

Before we begin this little single summary let’s bow our heads in respect at the retirement of Papa Emeritus II and welcome to the fold the macabre musical might of Papa Emeritus III who is the previous singers six-month younger brother. Out with the old and in with the new as Ghost brings us the first single from their upcoming album “Meliora” with “Cirice” and what a thundering single it is when it comes down to it.
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Ghost Presents “The Summoning”

By now you are all pretty much aware that the band Ghost is one that is shrouded in mystery and in some sense a bit of smoke and mirrors. Having grown up on the likes of KISS as a band of initially masked collaborators, I really like this idea of not really knowing who is involved in the project. I also consider this news a bit of a birthday present (because its coming to light on my birthday today). Let’s take a look.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Wow! This is the kind of hype that I enjoy and I look forward to seeing just how this story unfolds. I’ve only caught Ghost in concert once as you are reading this and completely missed out on enjoying Papa I on the stage before he was replaced by Papa II. I liked him and will miss his presence in the band but let’s see what Papa Emeritus III will be bringing to the table. I’ve got nothing else to add to this installment but will make sure to add some Amazon.com codes for you below so you can pre-order the new music and pick up copies of the older works in the event that you don’t have them. Until the Clergy meets once again….I remain……

Official Website: http://www.ghost-official.com