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Tyr @ Highline Ballroom (3/29/2009)

They called this event the “Pagan Knights” tour and it was the perfect remedy for those who sought sustenance in the sounds of Viking and Folk Metal. The show was headlined by Tyr who we saw last year on Paganfest and also offered up the likes of Alestorm and Suidakra. The Metal court would be in session down at the Highline Ballroom and if you want to see words and images on all performers that night just scroll on down.

Logo - Tyr

Artist: Tyr
Venue: Highline Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: Alestorm, Suidakra
Date: 3/29/2009
Label: Napalm Records

The tour was called “Pagan Knights” and it would bring together three powerhouse groups that dish out the Viking and Folk Metal stuff with apparent ease. Very similar to the successful Pagan Fest which happened in the USA for the first time last year, this show offered those fans of the genres an additional gig to enjoy even more bands. To my knowledge both Suidakra and Alestorm had never been around these parts before, but Tyr had and was the opening group for many of the Pagan Fest shows that rumbled through the towns. Tonight they would headline and that was interesting to me since while popular, I was unsure of the being able to command the main spot on the tour. I got there nice and early and was curious as to who would actually be starting off the night and as luck would have it, this would be Suidakra. Here is how the event went down for those who are curious.
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