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Pink Cigar @ Otto’s Shrunken Head

Tour - Pink Cigar - NYC 2015

The debut NYC invasion continues with a gig at Otto’s Shrunken Head. Come out and support the band and grab an intoxicating beverage as well. This is a 21+ event. Check venue website for set times.

Naked @ Otto’s Shrunken Head (7/24/2011)

Our new friends in the band Naked were continuing their US “Double Down” Tour with an appearance at a venue known as Otto’s Shrunken Head down on the Lower East Side. This Tiki Bar makes for a very interesting atmosphere as there is a cool bar in the front and a performance space in the rear.  Naked had returned to the USA after their earlier in the summer visiting and were adding even more gigs to the agenda before heading back home to Finland.  I caught them last week when they played at The Bowery Electric and while there were a number of shows in between my own hectic schedule kept me from only being able to attend any of the other shows except this particular evening so here we were again.   Scroll down below to enjoy the full on concert report and other images and viewpoints that are only presented in this space.


Artist: Naked
Venue: Otto’s Shrunken Head (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 7/24/2011
Label: T-Bag Records

The New York City infiltration by Finland’s Glam Rock journeyman Naked was continuing with a stop at the Otto’s Shrunken Head bar down on the Lower East Side. I’ve been to this quirky little space a few times over the years and if you have never been there before it is worth a visit. There is a decent sized bar up in the front that makes some super powered Tiki drinks in addition to serving up the proper beers of the day. The Tiki drinks even come in cool glasses that you can purchase as souvenirs if you are sober enough to get them home safely. The read of the bar has a cool performance space which I will venture to guess can fit about 50-60 people back there if you position them good. This would be the second time that the band had visited the States in the year and for their “Double Down” Tour were hoping to clock in at maximum venue numbers before they returned home. Last week they played at the Bowery Electric which we reviewed on the site and since then had done a number of other shows that I sadly could not attend. With a city and scene like NYC around you, it is difficult to be everywhere. Here is how the show went down for those who might have missed it.
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