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Black Sabbath Reunites: New Tour & Album Planned For 2012

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Today was National Metal Day and amidst the celebration across the Metal Republic there was chatter about a “big message” coming from Tony Iommi and the other members of Black Sabbath on this very day. It was earlier in the week when the followers of the popular news sites of the scene learned that something was going to be unveiled in terms of the band and while some scratched their heads as to what it might be there were others who were more like “what do you think that they are going to announce? A line of figurines?”.  Of course the big news was that the original members of Black Sabbath were going to reunite and not only would a tour be planned for 2012 but there would also be some new music coming from the four legendary figures of Metal’s history.  There was a lot of speculation about this actually happening over the last few months because interview comments were leaked and while some sides of the fence said that they were misquoted or taken out of context there was no one who was outright denying that something like this would be taking place.  Fans might remember that this is not entirely new as a happening or even that long of a wait as these four guys did a reunion tour back in 1997 and even released a live album about it entitled “Reunion”.   Many were surprised that nothing more came from this even though some material was written and the guys had planned to work with producer Rick Rubin.  The brief revisit that time around was quietly put to bed based on solo projects and tours and eventual television shows.  Iommi quoted back then how it was a shame since some of the tunes being worked on were rather good.  He and the second wave of Black Sabbath went on to form “Heaven and Hell” with the late great Ronnie James Dio and deliver crushing tours and Metal to the ardent fans.
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