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PiercingMetal Attends The Ron English Art Opening in NYC

Logo - Ron English

Yes its true, I don’t only do things that are associated with the Heavy Metal music scene and sometimes I like to venture out to other events and affairs that I am asked to join in on. I felt that when something is on the interesting side that I would line it out in the Musings Blog for you all to enjoy and well if I am wrong here just hang around idle until I muse about something a little more Metal. One such adventure was my invitation to the Ron English art exhibit which was held at The Opera Gallery in Soho, NYC. Ron’s publicist is someone I deal with very often in the way of reviews for her client rosters CD’s and DVD’s so when I get a personal invite to something a little off my beaten path I like to see what the skinny is going to be. So after a nice Vietnamese dinner at my favorite place for the stuff down in China Town my friend and I headed over to Soho to find the Opera Gallery. For those curious diners reading the blog, I went to Nha Trang and you can read more about adventures there in my blog called My Dinner (or Lunch) With Sonata Arctica. It’s a restaurant that I highly recommend and so far everyone who has joined me there has agreed that its awesome.
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