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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Blog Talk Radio

Blog Talk Radio: Much like the fact of how blogs seemed to make everyone in the world a writer, and Model Mayhem made everyone who submitted photos a “model”, BTR in some sense has made anyone who has the grit to do it, an Internet Radio show host. The premise is actually pretty cool in my humble opinion because conventional radio is practically a dead medium at this point and not everyone feels like doling out the bucks to have a Satellite system. In contrast to this, at the end of the day almost everyone in the world DOES have an Internet connection at their home, office and some even carry it around on their mobile devices whether it be a Smart Phone or Ipad or Netbook. That makes the potential to have some interesting stuff a very high number. As a fan and supporter of the Heavy Metal and Hard Rock music scene, I made sure to become “a fan” of shows like the “Heavy Metal Mayhem Show” which is hosted by Mike Catricola. It’s an enjoyable two hours and Mike does not put on airs as being “the one resource for all things” and is instead a regular Joe who is trying to support a genre he strongly believes in. That’s never a bad thing. The service seems easy to use and you only appear to need your Internet connection and a regular telephone. From there you set up the schedule and begin hosting the show.

At the suggestion of some media associates who realize that I often have a lot “to say” by maintaining an online reviews website, I have created an account on Blog Talk Radio for PiercingMetal.com but it has yet to be used to any extent. People who wish to be made aware of when it finally goes into production can find me by clicking the logo above as that will take you over to my account. I think you need to sign up as well to “subscribe”. It does seem like fun, but once again the issue of what can be broadcast over these waves comes into question (much like what is “permissible” in YouTube land). Add to this the amount of time to be a regular host for such a program. Although I admit it would be great to be able to showcase a number of the amazing bands that I listen to each day as a Music Journalist.

If you want to learn more about the actual company and service as a whole, you can read their Wikipedia entry HERE.