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PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Staree

This news might surprise you but “Yes, there is now one more Social Network to learn about”.  Oh come on, did you not think that this was going to happen?   I hate to alarm you but while the world currently finds itself entrenched in Facebook and Twitter, these networks are going to keep coming at us and vying for our attention.  So now let’s welcome to the fold a new networking site called “Staree”.  I first learned about Staree from the fine folks at Blog World Expo (which is now going by the name “New Media Expo” in case you have not heard) and like all new launches you needed to “apply” or “request” an invite to sign up.  After I tooled around the screens and saw that I could list my Official PiercingMetal Twitter and also make mention of the various other networks where you could find the brand I pressed “submit request” and waited to see what would happen.

Since this is new and only at the “invite” time of its existence there is not a lot of playing around that I could actually do since I don’t have anyone connected to me, nor did I see a means to find ones existing friends by searching via an email address. I copied the screen for my profile for your examination and found a couple of interesting items on it that I was not able to find any more information about. Take a look at the image and know you can make it larger by clicking on it.

Did you see the part on the side that showcases a dollar value? That is apparently one of the aspects of this network as it said on one of the screens I found that you can “take pictures and earn money”. Believe me I am always game for making a little side scratch since PiercingMetal.com does NOT pay its bills by reaching into the money tree branches. If the images they pay you for somehow become the exclusive property of Staree then this doesn’t interest me at all, since my images are mine and no one else’s. The first post I did was to show my “Official Photo” that Skeleton Pete took for me about a year ago as a test sample. I wanted to post some text and do a little introduction to say who I was and the like but it seems at this point the only options are to post a photo or a video. Visually this first struck me as very similar to Tumblr and I would have hoped that we would find the means to RSS some posted content into our own streams in Staree as we once were able to do in Tumblr but that did not appear to be the case.

I’ll keep experimenting and you readers are welcome to find my profile via this LINK but do be aware that the best place to keep up with the website is via the Facebook Fan Page and the Official Twitter because they are used quite a bit to tie all of our adventures together. Even though Facebook made some serious changes to the reach of its fan pages unless you paid, you can still be in the loop if you check back with it on a regular basis. Should I learn anything else that is cool about Staree I will append that information into the narrative for your indulgence.

UPDATE 5/3/2013: I’ve never found any positive use for the website brand via Staree and decided to cancel my account this evening. The interesting thing was that there was NO means for me to login and go to account settings and choose this option on my own. Instead I had to search around on their Facebook to hopefully find someone who had inquired about the same procedure. This exploration found me learning that a ticket needed to be drafted to their support desk who would address it in the order it was received. Wow. Talk about effective. Goodbye Staree, you appear pointless to me.

PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Foodspotting

Continuing along in my little series of narratives that briefly discuss the Social Networking mediums of the day I get to a site/service that I actually first learned about at the NY Comic Con back in 2011. Perhaps you recall one of the photos that referenced them if you have a very focused and attentive eye and if you do not, this is called Foodspotting. So what is it and why am I even discussing it on my Metal Sites blog you might be asking.

Foodspotting (which I think is one word) is what they are calling a “visual food guide” and of course “there’s an App for that”. The premise is kind of cool and appealed to me quite a bit since I like to go and meet friends at various bars or restaurants before hitting the Metal shows that we are all attending. Sometimes you find an amazing place to hang and start to call it home, and such practices led me to do my other series of narratives in my “PiercingMetal Pregaming” series. New readers might not know about this one unless they are digging deep into the blog, but they were done to discuss the various places my friends and I would convene before shows for food and drink. I’ve not done one of them in awhile and will likely create any of the new ones in my personal blog since I discuss food much more often over there; but I digress let’s get back to Foodspotting. The site works with the idea of our not only recommending a place to go and eat but also a particular dish that you or a friend might have ordered. Let’s say I ordered a burger at Smith’s Bar and wanted to share my thoughts on it with anyone who follows me. I can snap a photo with my phone and then upload it to the site and line out some comments about the order itself. Was it good, was it crappy, did it leave me wanting more or just left me cold? Whatever it was you can say it here. That’s pretty cool right? I think so, since the best way to find awesome things is through our friends in many cases.

From there you can like other peoples posted images or say that you want to try it yourself and if it was helpful. To me this was almost like dissecting the sites of Foursquare and Yelp! a little more. Foursquare tells our friends where we are, while Yelp! lets us analyze the larger experience and now Foodspotting let’s you get down to the finer details. Whew, that’s a lot of work to go have a good time isn’t it? At the time of my posting this narrative, I have not really dove into it as a user but I plan to going forward. Friends and interested parties who might be reading this post can find me by searching my real name of Ken Pierce. At the end of the day the question remains as to is this really a Social Network or not, and part of me says yes it is because what is more social than sitting down for a meal or a drink with ones friends. It’s certainly a lot more social than telling people you did it on Facebook right? Let’s run with that model okay? Do check it out and happy dining. I look forward to your input on some great places that I should investigate during my own adventures in our fair metropolis.

Official Website: http://www.foodspotting.com/

PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Instagram

If you have an iPhone you have no doubt already heard about and have been using the application known as “Instagram”. If I had to venture a guess, I would say that almost everyone I know must have an iPhone because I am constantly seeing their captured visuals on their Facebook pages and Twitter posts. So what is Instagram and why am I adding it to this little series of narratives you might ask? Well, let’s get down to it shall we.

Launched to the public as a free application in October 2010, Instagram is a photographic application that makes use of your Smartphones camera and let’s you change images around a little bit in terms of their design and shading to make them even more appealing or interesting. You can even add captions to them that your friends/followers can read or comment back on. Similar to the Facebook Liking system, there is a little heart that you can click to approve an image. Sadly, at this point in time when I post this for you, its only something that the iPhone users seem to have to their advantage in their application arsenal. Mind you I can take photos with my Droid Incredible device and then share with my Twitter and Facebook as well, but the tinkering that people can do in Instagram adds a new level of coolness to doing this kind of thing and that is what is driving more and more people to download it. Those who want to play around can get it via the iTunes Store.

Now to the reason I added this to my little Social Networking narratives. The answer to that is very simple. With so many people networking and sharing information via the two giant Facebook and Twitter mediums, the use of Instagram has created a sort of photo social networking. I’ve not been able to really experiment by being a Droid user, but I have looked at friends phones and their accounts with them to see how they are chiming in on celebrity account photos or following people of note or friends that they find more interesting than some others. The following and commenting on and sharing of these images makes it a bit of a Social Network of its own to me but on a slightly different level. It’s pretty cool as long as people keep using this for good and not to do anyone harm. I will add that I do not know offhand if Instagram will work on the new iPad’s that are coming out in March so if any readers get one and can play around perhaps let us know in the comments section of this posting.

UPDATE 4/3/2012: I am happy to be able to share this news with you readers and Android device users because today anyone with a Droid phone will be able to download and use Instagram. For me this is a kind of technological birthday present for the website because tomorrow is the anniversary of PiercingMetal’s launch. I downloaded it and can be found under the user name of “PiercingKen”. I might create a more music scene focused ID like PiercingMetal and this way can share exclusive finds that relate to my journalism and photo adventures. For now though I will use this ID and dabble about to see what I can learn. Follow me if you want.

PiercingKen on Instagram = HERE

UPDATE 4/12/2012: Wow, Facebook has purchased Instagram. Will this be good or bad? You decide. I am on the fence about it.

UPDATE 9/15/2012: I’m heading out to see Nightwish and Kamelot in New York City this evening and since its a big event for Metal I decided that I would act upon my months ago comment about potentially creating an Instagram account purely for PiercingMetal.com adventures in music and media. My readers already know that I take a lot of photos so this makes sense and lets me instantly get some more cool ideas out before I sit down and write the articles and blogs up. I think that it will be a lot of fun so please come and follow that account via the link below.

PiercingMetal on Instagram = HERE

Official Website: http://www.instagram.com
Official Wikipedia Entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instagram