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Valiant Comics First Issues Coming In January 2016

Hello there readers and welcome once again to 2016. Now that the year has said hello and all the effects of the celebrating are wearing off its time to get back to the tasks at hand. I’m going to start us off with a few of the comic book posts because there are some wonderful items hitting the shelves that you will definitely want to get your hands on. As I’ve been doing for the last couple of years, I’ll be featuring the first issues only from various publishers and giving you the cover art and provided description. Then I’ll share what I think about the batch. Here we go.

One Dollar Debut "Ninjak" #1
One Dollar Debut “Ninjak” #1

ONE DOLLAR DEBUT: NINJAK #1 Re-presenting NINJAK #1 (2015).

Writer: Matt Kindt; Penciler: Clay Mann with Butch Guice; Cover Artist: Lewis LaRosa
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Valiant Comics First Issues Coming In December 2015

Hello and welcome to December. Can you believe that we are here already? I know that I am having trouble with that little bit of information but its indeed the truth. Let’s start off the month by getting to the comic book solicitations and I’ll start off with the first issues and a couple of other interesting items coming from our friends at Valiant Entertainment (Valiant Comics). The artwork and description come from their press resources and then I’ll return with some thoughts. Here we go.

"Death Defying Doctor Mirage: Second Lives" #1
“Death Defying Doctor Mirage: Second Lives” #1

The Death Defying Doctor Mirage: Second Lives #1: In time, even the dead may die…and, now, after multiple 2015 Harvey Award nominations, the most sought-after couple in comics returns with an all-new adventure from Eisner Award-nominated writer Jen Van Meter (Hopeless Savages) and acclaimed artist Roberto de la Torre (Daredevil)! Occult investigators Shan and Hwen Mirage lived their lives in the thrall of an epic love that few will ever have…until Hwen died tragically before his time. Now, after a perilous trip through the underworld, Shan and Hwen are reunited…but Hwen is still an intangible spirit of the dead – incapable of opening a spellbook or even touching his wife. Their options exhausted, the death-defying Doctors Mirage are about to enact a dangerous spell to restore Hwen’s solid form…and grant his ghost a second life. But, in the wrong hands, their ancient rite will become a tool of terror – and unleash a force of pure, homicidal evil that lusts for the murder of the living and the dead alike… a torturous death that obliterates not just everything a person ever had in this world, but everything their ghost will be in the next!

Writer: Jen Van Meter; Penciler: Roberto de la Torre; Cover Artist: Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, Kevin Wada, Roberto de la Torre, Khari Evans, Katie Skelly, Colleen Coover
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Valiant Comics First Issues Coming In November 2015

Hey there comic book fans, here we go with our installments of the first issue offerings that will be hitting the stands this November. It’s Valiant Entertainments turn with this post so please take a look at what they are delivering in addition to the already running titles that you can look into on their official website linked below.

Comic - ODD The Valiant 1 - 2015
“One Dollar Debut: The Valiant” #1

One Dollar Debut: The Valiant #1:
Re-presenting The Valiant #1 (2014):

Writer: Jeff Lemire & Matt Kindt; Penciler: Paolo Rivera; Cover Artist: Paolo Rivera
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Valiant Comics First Issues Coming In October 2015

Alright readers, it’s time to showcase the comic book solicitations from Valiant Comics and as you will see in the official press copy that I have borrowed below, there are seven new first issues which are all one dollar apiece and fall under the “One Dollar Debut” initiative. Take a look.

Official Press:
Valiant’s ONE DOLLAR DEBUTS Return October 15th – with All-New Quote Covers!

In Comic Shops Everywhere Next Week, Get Seven Of Valiant’s Greatest Most beloved #1 issues for just one dollar apiece with an all-new wave of ONE DOLLAR DEBUTS! You’ve seen the reviews. You’ve heard the buzz. Now discover the best-selling, critically acclaimed first issue smashes that made Valiant one of the most adored publishers in superhero comics today. Now featuring brand new quote covers, Valiant’s One Dollar Debuts are your best chance yet to discover Valiant’s award-winning ongoing series – Archer & Armstrong, Harbinger, Quantum And Woody, Rai, Unity, and X-O Manowar – before Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and Paolo Rivera draft all of Valiant’s greatest heroes into a battle ten millennia in the making for The Valiant #1 (of 4) in December!

Plus: get the essential backstory on each of Valiant’s most formidable heroes and villains with the VALIANT UNIVERSE 2014 HANDBOOK, featuring highly detailed entries on everything you need to know about the Valiant Universe in 2014 and beyond – from Archer to Generation Zero! Also including a selection of artwork from a murderer’s row of Valiant greats – including Doug Braithwaite, Clayton Crain, Clayton Henry, Bryan Hitch, Esad Ribic, and many more – this is the perfect all-in-one introduction to the heaviest hitters that Valiant has to offer!

Before VALIANT NEXT unleashes six epic new series – The Valiant, Ivar Timewalker, Divinity, Imperium, Ninjak, and Bloodshot Reborn – in 2015, revisit the foundations of Valiant’s fan favorite ongoing series with these must-read ONE DOLLAR DEBUTS, arriving in comic shops everywhere on October 15th!

"One Dollar Debut: Archer and Armstrong" #1
“One Dollar Debut: Archer and Armstrong” #1

One Dollar Debut: Archer & Armstrong #1 (NEW PRINTING): Re-presenting ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #1 (2012). After years of training, Obadiah Archer has been dispatched to New York City to root out and kill the infamous Great Satan of his parents’ sect. Unfortunately, dying has never been easy for Archer’s target – the hard-drinking year-old immortal known as Armstrong. Together, this unlikely pair of heroes is about to stumble headfirst into a centuries-old conspiracy that will bring the whole of ancient history crashing down on the modern day Valiant Universe. And that’s going to mean one Hell of a hangover.

Written by Fred Van Lente; Art & Cover by Clayton Henry
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