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Check Out The CW Network’s “Arrow” Season 4 Trailer

Wow has it been three full seasons of “Arrow” already? I guess it has and with the last season there was a lot left up in the air about the future of our hooded archer defender. Just a short while ago, the CW Network released the fourth season trailer and it sure does look exciting. Let’s watch and discuss a little bit more afterward.

Season Four continues to star Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Willa Holland and Paul Blackthorne who are the major players in the ensemble cast. The season is set to start on October 7th.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I got into the series during the tail end of the first season but really enjoyed it even though he wasn’t being called The Green Arrow for the show. By the time the second season started I was hooked but some of the lingering plot stuff in season three was losing me. I was getting to the point of screaming “enough with R’as Al Ghul already!!!” and at its close it seemed like we were in for a bold new direction. The reports have been excellent as far as the offerings in S4 and as you can see in the trailer we are getting a new dastardly foe in Damian Darque along with new heroes Mr. Terrific and Speedy. Don’t blink as you watch because you also see John Constantine in there and he will be a welcome occasional addition to the show after NBC cancelled his own series. Come on CW Network, pick that one up and run with the ball. There is also a costume change and our Hooded Vigilante sure looks more like The Emerald Archer in it. What did you readers think of the trailer and will you be watching. Let me know in the comments.

Official Show Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrow_%28TV_series%29

Airing Tonight: “The Flash vs. Arrow” on The CW Network

Hey there my fellow geeks, this is just a quick reminder that tonight’s episode of “The Flash” will pit him against Arrow on The CW. It will continue with tomorrow’s episode of “Arrow” so set your DVR’s for both if you are enjoying these shows.

Photo - The Flash vs Arrow - 2014

Some Cast/Characters:
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash
Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/Arrow
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Brandon Routh To Join The Cast Of “Arrow” S3

Once most famously known for being a terrific Superman in a horrible film (“Superman Returns” if you didn’t see it); earlier today it was announced that Brandon Routh will join the cast of The CW Networks hit action show “Arrow” as Ray Palmer. Of course comics fans know him more by the image below 🙂

Photo - The Atom

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Airing Tonight: “Arrow” Season 2 (10/9/2013)

Check your aim, draw back your bow and let the arrow fly…….I’m sorry I just made that up since I felt I needed something but tonight is the night that the second season of the CW Networks own series “Arrow” begins. The show follows the adventures of Oliver Queen, who comic book fans know better as The Green Arrow but for this show he is simply called “Arrow”. Check out the cool poster for S2.

Poster - Arrow - S2

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The CW Network Aims An “Arrow” At Its Viewers

I’m getting to this a little past the show’s premier, but that was based on my being busy with all the posts involving the NY Comic Con 2012 so please pardon me for the lapse. In any event, DC Comics has given us a live action television series called “Arrow” which will bring to life the adventures of a hero we know and love called Green Arrow. The official byline is below:

The television series iteration of the DC Comics character stars Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, an eccentric billionaire who was recently discovered alive on a deserted island after having been presumed dead for five years. Queen returns to Starling City and begins moonlighting as a crime fighter. Arrow premieres on Wednesday, October 10th.

Poster - Arrow TV Series

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