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GWAR to Embark Upon the “GWAR Eternal Tour 2014”

In music, I guess the only way to press on in life is to press on with life and when the news about Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus had finally sunk in, the world wondered what would become of the rest of the Scumdogs Of The Universe. Read on down below to find out just where they all are standing. I’ll be back with closing thoughts at the end.

The Press Release:
Oderus is missing. Once the Scumdogs in GWAR finally notice this (it takes them a while to notice stuff) they will set off on a journey to find their departed brother using every resource available – including recruiting an ancient Scumdog warrior. GWAR will need the help from everyone, even the lowliest Bohab, as their enemies are plotting to take advantage of the hole in GWAR’s ranks.

BalSac The Jaws of Death on The “GWAR Eternal Tour 2014” and what to expect:

“Dark clouds of war and ill omen have gathered around GWAR. In our hour of greatest peril, Oderus has left us and our enemies stand poised, ready to strike while they sense weakness. But we shall no longer cower in our Antarctic stronghold, awaiting Destiny’s final blow. This Fall GWAR sets out on the most trying quest of our career. We shall scour our leader’s favorite stomping ground, North America, leaving no city unsearched, no venue unraised, and no sheep unmolested. GWAR will venture to the depths of Hell or to the very end of Time itself, and though I fear what we may encounter out there, I know that we can never return home until we have the answer we seek: ‘Where is Oderus Urungus?'”

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Farewell Lord Of The Scumdogs; David Brockie (Oderus Urungus) Has Died (3/23/14)

I started my Monday in the same fashion as any other day. I woke up, prepared a coffee while attending to the cats and turned on the PC to see the latest feeds on Facebook to begin chuckling at just how many friends spoiled the recent episode of “The Walking Dead” for the world – instead I started to see numerous photos of media allies with Oderus Urungus/Dave Brockie and seeing unhappy face emoticons under them or the words “so sad”. Was I reading this correctly? Could it be true? Sadly it would seem to be the case and yes my friends, Mr. David Brockie, founder of the legendary GWAR and its unimitable force of nature front man Oderus Urungus had died. He was 50 years old.


Brockie came up with the idea of GWAR while in his Punk band “Death Piggy” who were a group that used stage props and delivered small plays during their set. He devised these intergalactic barbarians from Antarctica to be a wilder opener for their own set and with this being the case the same members would be in both bands. The name was a lengthier “Gwaaarrrgghhlllgh” (which in itself sounds like a ravenous animals growl) and when the audience started paying the most attention to them, a change was made to have the now titled GWAR become the main band and Death Piggy was sent to that great pen in the sky. This was 1984 and considering that Glam Rock and Power Metal were par for the course there was nothing like this insanity being done.
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New Year’s Music Resolutions For 2013: Part 1

Hey there readers, and a Merry Post-Christmas to you all (if you indeed celebrated the holiday like we do at the PiercingMetal Command HQ); It’s also Boxing Day for some and we wish well to those readers indulging in that holiday. So why are we here you ask….. Well, as 2012 draws to it’s inevitable end, I once again found myself wondering what the people who bring us that sweet, sweet music during the year had on their minds for the coming year of 2013. As I mentioned in a reflection blog posting only a couple of days ago, I had greatly enjoyed obtaining this information for you with last year’s series of “New Year’s Metal Resolutions for 2012” so it was high time to do it again. In case you were curious, I slightly changed the premise this year to allow for a broader reach and at the end of the day I think you will be satisfied with the results. So now without any further adieu, the answers to “What Is Your New Year’s Music Resolution for 2013” from some truly talented musicians. I reached out to some of the same contributors as last year and also to a wonderful new batch of people to make it all the more interesting.

1. Oderus Urungus (GWAR): To write and record the most awesome GWAR album yet, with our new guitar player, Pustulus Maximus!

2. Lance King: To make more music, it’s time to create another badass metallic opus for those paying attention!

3. Acey Slade (The Dark Party): If all goes as I hope I will be a part of 3 albums that come out in 2013. Which would be great because it’s been about 3 years since I put out anything new. The weird climate the music ‘business’ has been in, along with a shit economy has made musicians like me treat releasing new music with some trepidation. But on the creative end, there are over 20 Dark Party songs written, a dozen for another project I am working on and there’s other stuff too. So, my resolution would be to release new material, start to reestablish the ‘business’ side of things and also buy more new/current music. Last year I bought a lot of Motown, 70’s Glam, and 90’s alternative. I need some more metal in 2013…13 is a pretty metal number so..seems fitting.
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GWAR @ Fillmore at Irving Plaza (12/13/2009)

Logo - GWAR

Artist: GWAR
Venue: The Fillmore NY (New York, NY)
Opener: The Red Chord, Job For A Cowboy
Date: 12/13/2009
Label: Metal Blade Records

While the band has been something that the people of Earth have been aware of for twenty five years, the origins and history of the band GWAR goes back over 43 million years to when their members were denizens of the planet Scumdogia. Eventually they found their way to Antarctica where they laid buried beneath tons of snow and ice for many, many years until they were unfortunately unleashed upon our modern day society by now manager Sleazy P. Martini. Since that time the band has devastated the concert stage and the unworthy audience members who pledge their souls in allegiance to them for over two decades and with their newest album “Lust In Space” they show no signs of giving us a way out of their booby trap laden web. Tonight would be New York’s turn and apparently the final night of touring for the band until their appetite for destruction had returned and found them seeking out fresh victims once again. The tour found a completely Metal Blade Records roster as the support and that can’t be bad for business as both The Red Chord and Job For A Cowboy got things started. I made sure to get into The Fillmore NY early enough to enjoy everyone and when I walked in I found the place to be strangely carpeted. My guess was this would absorb the various “goop” that comes along with a GWAR show.
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“Bloodbath And Beyond” by GWAR

Artist: GWAR
Title: “Bloodbath And Beyond”
Label: DRT Entertainment
Release Date: 6/20/2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 2.5/5

Straight from the “GWAR-chives” comes this award-show meets career retrospective “Bloodbath And Beyond” hosted by singer Oderus Urungus (Dave Brockie) and band manager Sleazy P. Martini. The pair sits in director’s chairs ala Siskel & Ebert and line out the award that GWAR has received by showcasing various points in the bands career. While the footage is pretty dark at times it does take you back to the earliest instances of GWAR on the live stage with one of them taking you back to the bands infancy as they are hardly masked and costumed. The segments are broken down by Oderus and Sleazy and titled “That’s F**ked Up” and “Techno Destroyer” as these parts of the show over the years are highlighted. Be aware that GWAR does some pretty outrageous and disgusting things on the concert stage and most of it is unacceptable behavior in every sector of the galaxy. Yet for those who have supported the group at their shows know very well what these sections entail and I can only sum it all up under the following phrases, zombies, slaves, monsters, sex and dismemberment. Good clean fun in the world of GWAR and their fans can once again enjoy the moments of concert footage with “Scrotum Moon” and “Techno Destructo” who were only a few of the cast of characters in the GWAR ensemble outside of the musicians themselves. Not enough attention is paid to the actual characters like Jizmak and Beefcake which would have made this a little more interesting but you do see them in action along with Slymenstra Hymen, the main female character for a number of years. A lot of the footage jumps around and is at points difficult to follow. This is not actually a problem for if you see GWAR in concert there are segments of the show where you will also lose track of the goings-on. Having seen them on occasions I always wondered how they kept all the chaos together. Given this is done as a mini-movie, it ends in typical fashion with GWAR killing people in righteous vengeance for their insolence.
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