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“Obligated By Obscurity” by Malstrom

Artist: Malstrom
Title: “Obligated By Obscurity”
Label: unsigned
Release Date:
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: Good

When you listen to the guys in Malstrom you can tell there is a good amount of talent in the band and certainly a drive to keep it nice and heavy. However this does not come without some criticism. Yes this is a demo, but it sounds too much like one in many places. I come to this conclusion based on comparisons to many other demo products that I have received lately. The production should have been focused on a little more to strive for a cleaner and more solid sound. At times this piece is muddy and feels a little out of joint as a result. Good drum parts are lost under the fact that you cannot discern the various drums being struck. The guitar work is largely interesting and you can tell that the band was influenced by the past masters Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Never a bad thing showing a little of those influences in the music. It can separate you from many of your peers.
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