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A Tuesday & A Wednesday in New York City with Muff

About a week ago I attended the Big City Rebels 4 concert over at The Studio at Webster Hall and this kick ass Rock Show featured Vains Of Jenna as a headliner with Naked from Finland as direct support. The gig also found the local talents of Natasha Komis and The Deafening added for good measure. My main reason for attending was to catch Naked in action and after the show the bands lead singer Muff and I decided to do a little NYC wandering and networking while he was still in town. The rest of the band had returned to Finland after their several show invasion and while he remained for the duration the time was ripe to book more shows and meet the people that can move the band in the proper direction. Up. After meeting publicity peeps we wandered around one of the area parks and snapped some images for posterity. I recanted my doing something slightly similar when Jyrki 69 was last in town with The 69 Eyes and decided to do something similar yet different featuring Muff. Take this blog posting as an invitation to join us on the wandering and to enjoy some of the NYC scenery that was captured along the way. After the lunch, Muff and I wandered through Washington Square Park. To bypass a chance of a photograph in front of their amazing arch would be criminal.

Muff & Washington Square Park Arch

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