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Renaissance in Concert (10/20/2012)

If you have never read one of my concert reports about the great Renaissance, then you don’t yet know how this music holds a very special place in my heart based on having grown up with it and it being stuff that my parents listened to again and again. That being said, I was very excited to get to see the band performing in concert once again and after a nice dinner my friend and I headed over to the Concert Hall at the NY Society for Ethical Culture where we had seen them twice before. To enjoy the full on concert report, please click the bands logo below to be taken to the article on the main PiercingMetal site and then come back here to enjoy some of the side images that were captured during the night.

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Magma @ Highline Ballroom (9/20/2010)

Logo - Magma

Artist: Magma
Venue: Highline Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 9/20/2010
Label: Seventh Records

Every once in awhile you hit a show being held by a band that although having been around for a number of years and having a teeming and devoted fan base, is a group that you walk into the show blind about. Such would be the case for me when it came to the band Magma, who is a Progressive Rock band that hails from France. They’ve been around since 1969 and were founded by the bands drummer Christian Vander. Since their inception they have released about thirty albums when one adds up the entire studio, live and compiled works. Oh yes, and there is one more thing about them – they sing in their own language. That might not strike you as strange since many bands from other countries do this, but the folks in Magma sing in a language of their own creation and that is Kobaian. This was surely going to be an interesting night for me since I was not only clueless about their material but had no idea what Kobaian was all about either. The show was happening at the Highline Ballroom which I felt was the perfect choice for the event and it would be done in front of a mostly seated audience. My friends and I arrived early enough to get comfortable and we were greeted on the street of the venue by people who were looking for tickets to get in. Could it be sold out? I thought to myself and yes indeed it had. I guess it makes sense in retrospect given the fact that the band seldom gets over here.
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Three Friends @ B.B. King Blues Club (6/21/2010)

Logo - Three Friends

Artist: Three Friends
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Kenny Forgione from Wonderous Stories
Date: 6/21/2010
Label: Independent Artist

While I like to consider myself a person who appreciates and understands the Progressive Rock movement, I have to admit that I really don’t know a whole lot about it outside of several of its mainstays. Over the years I have listened to and enjoyed the likes of Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes, Marillion, classic Genesis and of course Renaissance but there was one influential band that I did not have the most background on at all and their name was Gentle Giant. Originally active from around 1970 to 1980, the band was one that pushed the acceptable boundaries in Progressive Music by having multi-instrumentalists in their roster and always raising the musical bar with what they were presenting to their fans. Of course the band broke up long ago and its members never truly reunited despite some of their number having interest in doing so. Fast forwarding to today’s music realm we find a band calling themselves Three Friends forming and playing the music of Gentle Giant for all to enjoy. This would work based on its membership roster having three members of the band in Gary Green, Malcolm Mortimer and Kerry Minnear. The show would be at B.B. King Blues Club which is of course the perfect venue for something like this and would have Kenny Forgione of the band Wonderous Stories opening up for them. Here is how the night went down.

Kenny Forgione (Wondrous Stories): Musician Kenny Forgione who hails from the aforementioned band Wonderous Stories is not a stranger to many Progressive Rock fans from the region based on the level of musical delivery he brings to the table and how many gigs he plays in a given month. Admittedly, I’ve only caught that band once and that was several years ago when they opened up for Zebra at the now closed Downtown club but I was happy to see him performing for the crowd this evening. Investigation found me learning that Kenny was originally only supposed to do an acoustic set but as the show approached the premise changed and instead we got something a little more interesting and much more suitable for this particular crowd. The band Wonderous Stories is known best for playing classic Yes but this evening the guitarist would present a set of Peter Gabriel era Genesis and begin with “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”. It was killer to see it done so well and this would be followed by “Blood On The Rooftops”. Sadly the next song would be his last but it would be the epic “Supper’s Ready” which is a long tune and when it was announced the audience collective gasp of shock could be felt at every corner of the venue. After the set I spoke to the keyboard player who mused how nice it was to play such a tune for an audience that got it 100%. The band was comprised of Kevin McAn (electric guitar), Kenny Friedman (keyboards), Harold Skeete (bass) and Gregg Bendian (drums). McAn and Forgione are actually founding members of Wonderous Stories and while not considered “official members”, both Friedman and Skeete are regular players with the group. Drummer Bendian tours with Mahavishnu and The Musical Box, that pre-eminent Genesis tribute band that I am still hoping to catch one day. From beginning to end this was an impressive opening set and one that would likely go over well on its own perhaps at a venue like The Highline Ballroom or as an opener to someone like Fish at this very place. Now it was time for Three Friends and my musical education would continue.

Three Friends: I mentioned how the band was made up of three former members of Gentle Giant with Green, Mortimer and Minnear but sadly by the time this enterprise reached NYC, Minnear was no longer a part of the lineup and had left for personal reasons. Without being curt that would make the band be more like “Two Friends” now but I digress. Another interesting turn of events would be when the bands dedicated singer Mick Wilson (of 10CC) was not going to be able to perform the US dates and instead we would find Pierre Bordeleau in his place along with Roger Carey (bass) and John Donaldson (keyboards). I guess the border patrol was once again more concerned with travelling musicians as opposed to actual terrorists but let me stop with that comment. It would be interesting to see how Pierre sang the material once delivered by singer Derek Shulman because the singer had such a unique register. The original band featured both Derek and his brother Ray but to my knowledge neither of them adventures into music performance nowadays.

The seated show was very well-attended and if you’ve never experienced a true Prog-Rock gig, you should know how the audience remains at such a silence during each tune as they absorb every melody. They only come to visible life when the song ends and the musicians appear ready for their applause. It’s quite interesting to observe and much different from the chaos often found in the populace that hit the Metal shows I primarily attend. The band was definitely on their mark this evening and began with a brief into that led us into “Three Friends”, a very appropriate choice as an early tune since this was also their name. Guitarist Green was all smiles at the reception the band was getting and acted as their main spokesman this evening. He spoke softly when he felt it was a necessity and instead let the bands music captivate our senses more than idle chit chat. Clearly the mission statement for tonight was to best present the material from the iconic band and not worry about fluff. The band was tight and this was an expectation of mine coming in because you cannot be a Progressive band and have the notes go in all directions without coming to a single point and according to some friends who were with me at the show, the repertoire did not focus on any single body of work and instead was a wide gamut of resource from across albums like “Gentle Giant”, “Acquiring the Taste”, “Three Friends”, “Octopus”, “In A Glass House”, “Power & the Glory”, and “Free Hand”. I was also told that “I Lost My Head” came from the bands most “recent” work “Interview”. I say “recent” and mean the album released closest to where we are today.

The drumming of Malcolm Mortimore was great and he seemed to be executing the songs once done by John Weathers rather well. Malcolm was only on the “Three Friends” album while Weathers played on the rest. His style was clearly a little more straight forward than Weather’s was but still a pleasure to watch as he has some complexity to his technique as well. Focusing on the vocals again I had to say that while possessing a different register from what Gentle Giant fans have long known in this material, that Pierre was really impressive. He was to be commended for coming to the bands assistance so late in the touring plan and for getting all his melodies in order for the bands audience. This would be the second and final night of the bands brief US visit. They played over the past weekend at the popular Prog event NEAR Fest but after the amps went off in New York City this band would go away for a little while. My favorites from the night came by way of “Free Hand”, “Giant” and “In A Glass House” since I had some more knowledge on those than most of the rest. It was okay by me since that let me absorb all that the band was about a little differently than I am able to usually. Truly one cannot be the expert of every band and every genre out there. It’s just impossible but if you are such a person perhaps we shall see you on Jeopardy.

The gig ended with the audience on their feet and the band accepting this much deserved attention. Although this was not packed to the very doorway there were only a couple of tables empty to speak of. One had to wonder if many of the audience around us had also attended NEAR Fest but if some folks passed on the NYC based on that they were clearly at a loss since this place gives off such a different vibe. I know the band mingled about with the fans a little afterward which was nice to see but I wasn’t sure if the bands former singer Derek Shulman was among the crowd tonight. Having seen him at shows in the past I glanced around the venue to see if he was around somewhere but alas he did not appear to be. I am sure that his presence would have been like Paul Stanley coming out to an Ace Frehley gig which means there would have been quite a stir wherever he ended up. There is also a chance that he doesn’t support the project at all and if this is the case I have only one response – Gentle Giant reunion/fare thee well tour. It’s as simple as that.

All in all this was a great time and as mentioned an education in material that I didn’t know enough about. This was also my third time in the B.B. King’s venue in a matter of four days. Tomorrow would be my fourth visit as Uriah Heep was paying the city that never sleeps a visit. Stay tuned.

Kenny Forgione Set List:
1. Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
2. Blood On The Rooftops
3. Suppers Ready

Three Friends Set List:
1. Intro/Prologue
2. Three Friends
3. Playing The Game
4. The Advent of Panurge
5. Empty City
6. Just The Same
7. Pantagruel’s Nativity
8. I Lost My Head
9. Proclamation/Valedictory
10. The Boys In The Band
11. His Last Voyage
12. In A Glass House
13. Schooldays
14. Mister Class & Quality
15. Free Hand
16. Giant

I always love when I get to see a band perform at a particular club for the very first time.  That being said, here is the bright marquee from B.B. King’s as it aims to draw more Progressive’s into the room.  Of course I am speaking of those with Progressive as their musical mind and nothing else.

Three Friends among Many Friends

My colleagues and I were afforded some time with the band backstage at the venue and were kind enough to let me snap these moments for all the rest of the world to enjoy.  Here’s a nice group shot.

Three Friends: Pierre, Malcolm, Gary, and John

We didn’t know where bassist Gary had stepped off to when this shot was taken but were happy to get their fill in singer Pierre Bordeleau, Malcolm Mortimore (drums), Gary Green (guitar) and John Davidson (keyboards) in the shot.

Three Friends: Malcolm, Gary and John

This next one gets most of the Three Friends along with openers Kenny Forgione and his band.

Three Friends and Kenny Forgione Band

Once again we were missing Gary the bassist but we stuck our buddy Pete Pardo from the Sea Of Tranquility website in there for good measure.  Thanks to his influence I know just a little bit more about the music of Gentle Giant.

Gary Green Prepares To Hit The Stage

Here’s our second to last shot of the guys before it was time to deliver the Progressive goodness to the masses.  Yes Gary, I will put the camera away now LOL.

A Keith Richards Visual?

This just reminded me of something I would see when looking at Keith Richards guitar but I am sure many more do it.  I couldn’t resist snapping this before getting back out among the crowd to enjoy the show. We’ve assembled a healthy number of Gentle Giant releases for you to peruse on Amazon.com so click around the widget below and expand your musical mind.

Official Website: http://www.threefriends.com
Official Website: http://www.wonderous-stories.com

Renaissance @ Rockefeller Park (6/23/2010)

Renaissance had returned to NYC once again and was performing in Rockefeller Park as part of the River To River Festival.  This free outdoor concert was going to pair them up with the legendary Steve Hackett (formerly of Genesis) and I could think of no two acts that would fit together so well.  Click the bands logo below to read the full article on the main PiercingMetal.com site.  We have tons of photos of both performers that we think you will enjoy very much.

Logo - Renaissance

Artist: Renaissance
Venue: Rockefeller Park (New York, NY)
Opener: Steve Hackett
Date: 6/23/2010
Label: Independent Artist

Tonight promised to be a very cool evening even though the summer heat was blazing down upon us and holding firm at just over 90 degrees. The show that was happening would be one that would close out my almost daily attendance of killer shows that had been happening around the city over the last several days. This evening was more of a Progressive meets Classical Art Rock night but I had started out my adventures with the likes of Pestilence, a legendary Technical Death Metal band from the Netherlands and followed their show with a little big of Gregg Rolie Band, Winger, Three Friends and Uriah Heep………whew. It makes me tired just mentally revisiting it. The event on the musical menu tonight would be held down in beautiful Rockefeller Park in Battery Park City and this outdoor event was a part of the River To River Festival that was sponsored by American Express. It’s nice to find such a major company doing its best to deliver free music to the fans during these trying economic times and this pairing was certainly something very interesting to be a part of because the show found the legendary Classical Art Rock band Renaissance performing with the equally legendary Steve Hackett from Genesis. The idea that these two great talents were going to present music to their fans in this wonderful setting was very simply awesome. Here is how the night went for those who did not make it down to the show.
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Sleepytime Gorilla Museum @ Bowery Ballroom (4/18/2009)

Logo - Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Artist: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Venue: Bowery Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: Dub Trio
Date: 4/18/2009
Label: The End Records

A Sleepytime Gorilla Museum concert is much more than your conventional show and instead should be labeled as an “experience” as opposed to letting its happenings be relegated to a mundane term. I was lucky enough to be able to catch this interesting group once before and even with that experience in my musical memory, I was unsure of what to expect this evening. That last show was in 2007 and was held at The Highline Ballroom which is a room that I enjoy almost as much as I do the Bowery Ballroom. Tonight these The End Records Avant-guardians would be appearing with The Dub Trio, whose name I had heard of before but never managed to catch in concert. I arrived early enough to absorb the whole vibe and not only see what they would be about but to better prepare myself for the difference that is the Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.
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