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One More Down; Brooklyn’s “Bar Matchless” Has Closed (2003-2018)

A few nights ago I heard some chatter about the final days of the Bar Matchless being on the horizon and I am sad to to share the news that this intimate pub and live music space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn has ceased operation as of January 9th – it’s last hurrah. Below the logo I’ve shared the owners statement.

Dear Friends and Family, We’re devastated to announce that tonight will be our last night at Bar Matchless. Please come by and celebrate the good times one last time. We could also use some help breaking down the bar tomorrow and Wednesday so if you’re around and can pitch in we’d love to have you. Thanks to all of you for 15 great years. #partysover #greenpointforever #barmatchless

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Just a few days ago, I had shared the news about the closure of the American Beauty club which was also known as Slake to some folks out there. If you missed that post just click HERE to see it. These venues join a rapidly growing list of music venues both large and small that no longer exist and let’s go over a few reminders. Over the past few years NYC has was watched Roseland Ballroom, Sullivan Hall, Hiro Ballroom, Fontana’s, Boss Tweed’s, The Cake Shop, The Living Room, Kenny’s Castaways, The Knitting Factory (well, that moved to Brooklyn and became one club as opposed to three), Club Europa and Webster Hall’s The Studio and Marlin Room. It’s been widely reported that the large space of Webster will return eventually but the smaller rooms are pretty much finished. There are a couple that I cannot even remember the name of but yeah they are gone too. As a fan of the live music scene as a scribe and photographer, I am saddened by the increasing lack of launching spaces for bands that are looking to make a difference. Many of these shuttered spaces (Matchless especially) allowed for smaller scale bands to get a solid set in for their fans. They’d be curated by an independent promoter in most cases who was hosting a show to build both their branding and the scene. For the most part this worked out fine but now both bands and promotion sorts need to really hunt for their spaces. I realize not all of the clubs listed were Metal ones but I’d seen Hard Rock and Progressive stuff at most of them over the years.

Historically speaking, I only ever made it to Matchless once but since it was in my late Grandmother’s neighborhood, I began my visit with a walk around the once familiar territory and making sure to have a little dinner at a place that she used to go to. I really enjoyed the vibe of the place from that night and swore I would go back but it wouldn’t come to pass based on time and schedule demands. Such is life. If you were a fan of the shows or supported the place for other events please chime in down below. It’s always nice to hear what people have to say on stuff like this. Goodbye Matchless, thanks for serving the music scene while you could. We wish your owners and staff the best of luck going forward.

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/matchless/

Positive Thoughts From One Of Our Stomping Grounds…

While adventuring in NYC just the other day, I happened by one of my usual Music Journalist haunts, the venerated Times Square venue known as B.B. King Blues Club and Grill. It seemed as though they had a message for the NYC passerby and I could not resist sharing it with all of our readers as we begin a brand new month of concert coverages. What a positive note from this fun place.

"Have A Nice Day NYC"
“Have A Nice Day NYC”

Longtime readers of the PiercingMetal site know full well about our adventures here but the newer ones might find it interesting to learn that over the last eight years we have attended over 175 Hard Rock and Metal shows at the venue. Curious Metal fans can read all about those shows by clicking that photo if they like as doing so will bring up every item tagged with the “B.B. King Blues Club” brand. I’ve lost count about how many individual groups had been photographed since many of these shows had three and four bands per bill. As we’ve likely awakened your own personal concert craving, I pasted the venues link and our own regional events calendar for you to be in the loop at all times. I hope to see you there sometime in the near future.

Official Website: http://www.bbkingblues.com

Our Events Calendar: http://www.piercingmetal.com/events/

The Barclays Center Has Officially Opened!

Move over Madison Square Garden because Brooklyn is keeping an eye on you with the brand spanking new Barclays Center that has officially opened to the public today. Somehow we missed the opening hoopla and I guess the invite to that went to some other address but oh well, how cool is it to have a new events space such as this in our beautiful Brooklyn. Pretty damned cool if you ask me. Take a look at the image below, its rather striking and looks like an otherworldly craft of some kind.

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